Violux Luma Pro Review

A smart UV-C sanitizer with a handy app

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Violux Luma Pro

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

What We Like
  • Sleek design with self-contained UV-C

  • Lab-tested and verified

  • Comes with a companion app

  • Helpful light and sound indicators

What We Don't Like
  • Large form factor

  • No child lock on the door

The Violux Luma Pro brings safe UV-C light technology into average homes with a sleek design and intuitive user experience, as long you have enough space for it.


Violux Luma Pro

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

Violux provided us with a review unit for one of our writers to test. Read on for their full take.

The Violux Luma Pro adds an extra dimension of convenience to UV-C cleaning at home: It comes with an app. This smart, ozone- and chemical-free sanitizer comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to set up the device, monitor the UV-C lamps, and schedule cleaning reminders.

This third-party IAC-certified medical lab-tested device effectively kills 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria on surfaces. Based on that testing and the roomy build, the manufacturer recommends use on everything from tablets and smartphones to pacifiers.

While the design is refined and upscale, like fancier household appliances, it does require a fair amount of space. Once you find the right spot for it and get it set up, the overall experience is user-friendly, making the Luma Pro a potential asset for homes and offices alike.

Design: Sleek but with a large footprint

The boxy Luma Pro comes with a hefty footprint at 25 pounds and standing 16 inches wide. I had difficulty fitting it on a kitchen counter because of interference from cabinets. You’ll need a freestanding surface ideally, such as an open countertop or tabletop that’s at least 17.5 inches deep and offers 15.625 inches of clearance.

Based on that testing and the roomy build, the manufacturer recommends use on everything from tablets and smartphones to pacifiers.

The good news is that once you find a spot for it, it’s not off-putting or unattractive. The Luma Pro resembles an upscale mini fridge with heavy-duty black plastic and stainless steel. It does smudge very easily, just as any stainless steel appliance does.

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

The inside contains four UV lamps (two on the top and two on the bottom) that emit 32 watts of cleaning power. The optical quartz floor, which is supposed to deliver exceptional UV-C light distribution and help surface disinfection, is also highly reflective. The whole inside is very mirror-like and modern.

The door handle is easy to grip, and the door closes and opens reliably. It doesn’t swing open very wide, so that’s something to be mindful of when placing the device. The door also doesn’t have a safety lock, but if it’s mistakenly opened mid-cycle, the lamps turn off to protect the user. 

Setup Process: Nearly plug-and-play

While the Luma is pretty much plug-and-play, it’s essential to complete a visual inspection and place a few items before getting started. There’s no user manual with the Luma Pro and nothing on the website, though this documentation could be forthcoming. 

I received some direct instructions with my test unit about checking to ensure all the bulbs are secure and how to place the two stainless steel grates and a glass plate into the unit. 

While checking the bulbs was a non-issue, I didn’t have much luck with the accessories. The metal grates, which I was told serve as protection to the bulbs and the objects you place inside the Luma Pro, have notches that seemingly fit into slots in the upper and lower parts of the unit.

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

I spent at least 20 minutes trying to carefully fit them into place without scratching the interior, which became almost impossible to do. There’s a major blind spot trying to fit the grates near the door. In the end, I placed only the glass plate and the grate with legs on the bottom of the unit. 

The companion app, which I downloaded after performing a visual inspection and plugging in the device, didn’t work with a Bluetooth connection. Getting the Luma Pro in pairing mode worked as directed—by pushing the button on the bottom, inner edge of the device. It did connect instantly over a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection, though. Once paired with the companion Violux mobile app, I was able to check that all the bulbs were operational and begin cleaning cycles.

Performance: Speedy and consistent once everything is in place

The Luma Pro offers two rapid cleaning modes: the standard 60-second cycle, called Normal, and the Extended Clean Cycle, which doubles that. You can repeat these cycles as many times as you please, but there’s no option to increase the time increment.

Operating the Luma Pro is straightforward. Place the items inside and press the button on the bottom edge once for the standard cycle and twice for the extended mode. You’ll hear a corresponding number of beeps according to your choice. Once you close the door, the lamps illuminate, and so does an LED status light on the outside bottom edge of the Luma Pro.

It glows red when it’s sanitizing and white and blinking when it’s finished. You’ll also hear a dinging noise when it stops, and the app will let you know when it’s complete. I set up cycle reminders and notifications in the Violux app, and these alerts came in consistently without fail. 

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

The only hiccup I experienced with performance came after a day or two of use and only a handful of cleaning cycles. The Luma Pro notified me that one of the lamps had failed. It did this in several ways: emitting a low, sort of incorrect-answer buzzer sound, displaying a flashing red LED pattern, and preventing the cycle from starting at all. The companion app confirmed that one bulb wasn’t functioning and suggested that it needed replacing. 

The Violux app helpfully provides visual and written instructions about performing this replacement, but it doesn’t offer a way to purchase the bulbs. There is a direct link to customer support through the app, though. That’s all to say that without even one malfunctioning bulb, the Luma Pro won’t work.

When a UV bulb loosens or needs replacing, the Luma Pro will require hands-on attention.

I was about to throw in the towel and search for a way to obtain a replacement when I remembered that the bulb inspection I performed after I unboxed it could be key to the issue. The bulb in question was loose, which must have happened with some shifting after a few cycles. I spent a fair amount of time trying to get it securely into place by twisting the bulb until I didn’t feel any give. Even when it seemed secure, it wasn’t.

I repeated this cycle several times: I unplugged the device, tightened the bulb, plugged the Luma Pro back in, and started a regular cleaning cycle. It finally worked after about 20 minutes or so, and I was careful to avoid any jostling after that when placing and removing objects.

While the fix wasn’t necessarily complicated, it was more involved than I had anticipated. Violux reports that the Luma Pro is chemical- and ozone-free, but if you’re not comfortable handling the UV bulbs, which contain mercury, know you might have to given the design of this device. When a bulb loosens and needs adjusting or replacing, the Luma Pro will require manual, hands-on attention. 

Key Features: Connectivity and 360-degree cleaning

One standout feature of the Luma Pro is the smart component. The Violux app (for Android and iOS) lets you set up multiple Luma Pro devices and manage them in whatever room they’re in by monitoring the bulbs and setting up cleaning reminders. You can also view cleaning activity by device. I was able to do both with ease.

Violux Luma Pro

Lifewire / Yoona Wagener

I also enabled notifications to alert me on my smartphone when the cleaning cycles ended. These messages were slightly ahead of the ringing alert directly from the Luma Pro, but they served as another helpful indicator that it was safe for me to retrieve what was inside. 

The Violux app (for Android and iOS) lets you monitor the bulbs and set up cleaning reminders.

Another key feature is Violux’s proprietary UV-C technology for 360-degree cleaning. The manufacturer reports that the UV lamps operate on the UV-C 254nm wavelength, which puts it in the 200-280nm range of germicidal lamps. The placement of the lamps along with the optical quartz floor and the 2,210 cubic inch capacity provides cleaning power for larger items within a very short 1- to 2-minute time frame without having to rotate or reorient them.

Price: This innovation comes at a high cost

If you’re shopping for top-notch and reliable UV-C light sanitizing at home, the Luma Pro stands apart with its feature set and higher price range. The Luma’s retail price is $800, though you might find it for a lower promotional price of $500. Either way, this sanitizer is an investment. The higher asking price also reflects what the Luma Pro offers that others don’t, namely the combination of smart features, 360-degree cleaning, and ultra-fast cycles.

At the lower price point, it’s more in line with competitors that also deliver top-of-the-line, safe designs with technology backed by third-party lab testing. 

Luma UV Pro vs. Purify-One UV Box

While it’s difficult to find a direct competitor with the same chops as the Luma Pro, the Purify-One UV Box offers powerful at-home UV sanitization in a slightly different way. It retails for about $300 and uses UV-C LED technology. The UV lights in the Purify-One operate at higher 260-280nm wavelengths and produce 27 watts of power over quick cycles that run on a 3-minute timer. Unlike the Luma Pro, this competitor also offers storage and smart drying and is completely free of glass and mercury. 

Like some of the best phone sanitizers, the Purify-One UV Box is also generally much more portable at 4.1 pounds and with dimensions of 10.5 inches wide, 6 inches tall, and 12 inches long. The built-in carrying handle and USB-C input offer more versatility for travel. The tradeoff for this portability is the lack of room for larger objects. 

The design details between the two devices also appeal to different sensibilities. The Luma Pro features a glass door with a handle and glossy, high-end materials, whereas the Purify-One uses plastic and a more common lid-style opening and button menu on the top of the unit. The Luma Pro also stands on its own as the rare smart UV sanitizer on the market.

Final Verdict

An advanced smart UV sanitizer for early adopters.

The Violux Luma Pro is a unique smart UV-C sanitizer for homes and commercial spaces. While it requires handling with care and ample room for proper placement and use, the design is sleek and user-friendly overall. Those interested in investing in advanced UV sanitization at home gain a boost of confidence from Violux’s lab testing and more informed, convenient operation thanks to the companion app.

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  • Product Name Luma Pro
  • Product Brand Violux
  • MPN LP-2021-Black-Silver
  • Price $800.00
  • Release Date January 2021
  • Weight 22.5 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 16 x 15.625 x 17.5 in.
  • Color Black
  • Warranty 1 year
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