Lossless and Spatial Audio Hit Apple Music for Android Beta

The latest beta gets some big features

Apple Music’s newest Android beta has added two big features: spatial and lossless audio.

Android users testing out the beta version of Apple Music will be pleased to learn that Apple has added support for spatial and lossless audio in the most recent update. 9To5Google notes that it's only available in the beta and should roll out to stable users sometime in the future.

Apple Music app on an Android phone


If you do have the beta, and you’ve updated to the most recent version, you’ll find the option to access spatial listening on “compatible devices.” Apple says that it already supports Dolby Atmos on thousands of tracks, and has curated a playlist of those available songs on the app. That should make it easier for users to find and check out the changes the system is making.

Users will be able to head into the Settings area, where they can check the new Audio Quality menu in order to change the type of audio they’re hearing. The new options include high efficiency, high quality, lossless, and high-resolution lossless. 

Additionally, Apple Music’s Android beta update also introduces the option to turn on automatic crossfading. Users can still manually select a crossfade of up to 12 seconds, but automatic crossfading will determine the amount of time needed based on the song that is playing. Finally, the new update also introduces several search enhancements to the library, which Apple says should make it easier for users to find their favorite music more quickly.

The new audio settings available in Apple Music's latest beta update for Android


You can join the beta for Apple Music on Android if you want to check out the changes. Of course, you’ll still need a device that supports Dolby Atmos and Apple’s lossless quality files if you want to experience everything that the new Apple Music beta update has to offer.

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