Looking for the Perfect Xbox or PlayStation Headset? JBL May Have You Covered

Introducing the Quantum 360X/P and Quantum 910X/P

JBL has just announced a pair of headphones manufactured specifically for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. 

The JBL Quantum 360X/P and Quantum 910X/P boast availability in white and blue for Sony fans and black and green for Xbox aficionados. A main draw with these headsets is immersive and accurate audio. Each pair ships with proprietary spatial audio virtualization software that adjust head tracking parameters in ways specific to each console. 

JBL Headphones


Each of these headphones also ships with JBL's DualSource technology that pairs the headset to your actual phone, so you never miss an important call as you save the world from bloodthirsty aliens or supersoldiers or whatever. 

"Our JBL Quantum portfolio, including the new Xbox and PlayStation additions, give players at every level a competitive advantage for their console preferences," said Dave Rogers, President of parent company Harman's Lifestyle Division.

To that end, the 910X and 910P models include integrated head tracking for spatial surround sound, active noise canceling, and wireless USB-A/C console connections. 

JBL Quantum 910X


The 360 series allows users to play and charge simultaneously, so they never have to bow out to hit the power outlet. These are also wireless headphones that connect up to two simultaneous devices and feature 22 hours of battery life. 

These headphones officially launch in March, with early access on JBL.com before becoming available at retail outlets. There is no pricing information at this time, though each unit will ship in eco-friendly packaging. 

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