Logitech's New Light and Microphone Aim to Boost Your Content Quality

A new light and microphone for your broadcasting pleasure

Logitech has a pair of new tools to help streamers (or anyone who streams or films themselves, really) improve the look and sound of their content.

The Blue Sona and Litra Beam are joining the Logitech for Creators brand extension to offer what Logitech claims is "pro-level" streaming hardware. More to the point, the aim is to provide studio-quality results without studio-quality prices.

Logitech Blue Sona microphone


Microphones can be challenging to choose from since there are many options out there, but the Blue Sona is meant to simplify matters—both in terms of choice and approachability. The XLR mic can provide a +25dB boost in audio gain without needing an external booster and doesn't need high-end studio software for it, either.

The Dual-diaphragm capsule design uses microphones facing towards and away from you to detect and reduce (or outright eliminate) unwanted ambient noise. It also comes with a 290-degree swivel mount to help keep it in the most useful position as you move or shift around.

Lighting can also be difficult to get right, and Logitech hopes the Litra Beam will help you with that, too. The adjustable desk-mounted LED light uses a three-way adjustable stand for height, rotation, and tilt to make it easier for you to find the right angles without any extra hardware.

Logitech Litra Beam light

The Litra Beam has been tested and deemed safe for all-day use with little to no worry about headaches or eye strain. Brightness and color temperature can also be adjusted using the Litra Beam controls or the G HUB app. However, Twitch integration isn’t an option, so you can’t sync it to react to donations or subscriptions.

Both the Blue Sona and the Litra Beam are available now in the US, Canada, and select European countries with an MSRP of $349.99 and $99.99, respectively. You can grab one (or both) from most major retailers or directly from Logitech.

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