Logitech’s New Brio 300 Series Webcams Take the Work Out of Video Call Setup

Plug 'em in and go

Logitech has revealed a pair of new plug-and-play webcams, both offering 1080p resolution.

These new Brio 300 and Brio 305 webcams are the result of a November 2022 study of remote workers that indicated lighting, angles, and sound quality as significant webcam issues. Logitech's goal is to provide anyone who might need it with an easy-to-use device that can give a clear picture and sound, even if their environment isn't ideal for a video call.

Brio 300 webcam


Each of the Brio 300 Series webcams can mount to the top of a monitor and connect to your computer via USB-C. They also claim a resolution up to 1080p, along with automatic light correction and noise reduction for those previously-mentioned clearer video calls. Additionally, there's a privacy shutter that can be rotated over the lens when not in use, to make sure you don't broadcast any unwanted video.

Each model will work in Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS and is certified by Logitech for use with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other common video platforms.

Brio 300 Series webcams


What separates these cameras is that the Brio 300 is intended for home office and workstation use, while organizations can remotely manage the 305 via Logitech Sync. So essentially, the Brio 305 is an Enterprise version of the same hardware.

Both the Brio 300 and Brio 305 webcams are now available directly from Logitech or other unspecified online retailers, with an MSRP of $69.99. Either version is available in Graphite, Off-White, or Rose color variants.

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