Logitech’s New Accessories: Gender-Inclusive, Colorful, and Pricey

Pink keyboards, white headsets, and heart-shaped cases

It’s a sad fact of the gaming world that controllers, accessories, and, well, just about everything else are designed for large hands and feature simple color palettes to suit traditionally masculine identities. 

That is slowly starting to change, as Logitech just revealed a full suite of inclusive accessories that are colorful, playful, and suited for smaller hands. They call it the Aurora Collection, and there is a lot to unpack.

Logitech Aurora


First up is the G735 wireless headset, which features a whimsical design complete with RGB LEDs surrounding the perimeter of the rotating earcups. There is also braille on each sidearm to identify left from right. The design is meant to accommodate smaller heads, including those wearing earrings and glasses. 

There’s also a pair of peach-colored keyboards, the wireless G715 and the wired G713. These tenkeyless models boast a large volume wheel, a spate of RGB LEDs surrounding the exterior, media keys, and plenty of backlighting. You can choose between tactile, linear, clicky, or mechanical GX switches when purchasing, and each keyboard ships with a cloud-shaped handrest. 

What gaming accessory lineup would be complete without a mouse? The Aurora Collection includes the G705 wireless mouse, which Logitech says was designed from the ground up for smaller hands. It features a ‘gaming-grade’ 8,200 DPI sensor and plenty of colorful LEDs for some visual pizazz. 

Finally, there is a heart-shaped carrying case for both the headset and mouse, but it must be purchased separately. 

On the topic of making purchases, Logitech accessories are never cheap, and these items are no exception. Gearing up with the full line costs between $500 to $650, depending on customization choices. The Aurora Collection is available now. 

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