Logitech Unveils a Pair of New MX Series Keyboards

And a new MX Series mouse

Logitech is adding two new high-performance keyboards to its MX line: the MX Mechanical and the MX Mechanical Mini.

The main point of the new MX Mechanical keyboard—and it's similar in every way except no number pad counterpart, the MX Mechanical Mini—is to provide options. It's designed to be a high-end modern keyboard with most of the conveniences and features, along with several adjustable elements for a more customized experience.

MX Mechanical keyboard with MX Master 3S mouse


Each version of the MX Mechanical keyboard uses two key color tones, intended to make it easier to separate function keys in your peripheral vision and make your typing a bit smoother. It has a pitch of 19mm coupled with low-profile keys to make typing more comfortable on your hands and wrists, too. And it can last for up to 15 days on a full charge with the backlight turned on (yes, there's a backlight) or up to 10 months with it turned off.

But then there are all the ways you can adjust it, including three tactile settings (Linear, Clicky, and Tactile Quiet) for key feedback. So you can choose a hearty snapback, a much quieter reactive bump, or minimal resistance. The backlight also offers smart illumination, allowing you to select from multiple lighting patterns and providing visual feedback for mode switching or connecting to other devices.

MX Mechanical keyboard and MX Master 3S mouse in use


A new mouse—the MX Master 3S—was also revealed, acting as either a standalone accessory or a companion piece to the MX Mechanical. The new mouse can connect to and quickly switch between up to three different devices, and nearly every function can be customized. It also boasts a much quieter click than previous models—up to 90% less audible noise, according to Logitech. And an 8K DPI sensor allows it to work on most surfaces (even glass) and more quickly jump between screens in a multi-monitor setup.

Both MX Mechanical keyboard models and the MX Master 3S mouse will be available soon (May 2022) on Logitech's online shop and from other retailers. You can grab an MX Mechanical for $169.99, get ahold of an MX Mechanical Mini for $149.99, or buy an MX Master 3S for $99.

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