Logitech Reinvents Its Most Loved, Iconic G502 Gaming Mouse - What to Know

And now there are three new versions

Logitech has launched a refresh of its most iconic gaming mouse, the G502, with a spate of modern upgrades.

There isn’t just one new G502, as the company has prepped three slightly different versions to suit PC gamers' tastes and ever-changing needs. The new line is called G502 X and includes a base wireless version, a standard wired option, and a premium wired version with RGB lighting. 

Logitech G502


The exterior remains virtually unchanged from previous iterations, but the weight has been drastically reduced to 89 grams, thanks to a thin-wall exoskeleton and a lighter scroll wheel. 

The wireless model incorporates the company’s proprietary Lightspeed technology to pump up the response rate by 68 percent compared to the previous gen. This is good news for gamers who hate cables but still want to remain competitive. 

All the mice incorporate hybrid optical-mechanical switch technology that combines the tactile feel of mechanical switches with the speedy performance of optical switches. The new G502 X line also takes full advantage of Logitech’s Hero 25K gaming sensor, the company’s most advanced mouse sensor. 

They also have a removable DPI shift button for advanced customization, with options to switch the orientation and make speed adjustments. 

The G502 X line is available for preorder now via the Logitech G website, though they will also be sold at both online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores in the coming days. These accessories are available in black and white and will set you back $80 to $160, depending on your configuration. 

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