Logitech Media Keyboard K200 Review

Image of Logitech Media Keyboard K200
Logitech Media Keyboard K200.


What We Like

  • Affordable, lightweight, media keys, spill resistant

What We Don't Like

  • Few ergonomic details

Some people aren’t looking for a lot of bells and whistles in their computer peripherals. Sometimes you just want a keyboard that gets the job done and -- most essentially -- doesn’t cost a lot of money. Logitech’s K200 keyboard fits this bill on both counts, and, as a plus, it has a spill-resistant design.

The Basics

In most aspects, the K200 isn't much different than most standard-issued desktop keyboards. It's black, lightweight (yet sturdy), and it's wired. While this USB cord limits your freedom of movement, it also means you won't be searching for batteries late at night.

It comes with a row of media keys across the very top, including one-touch access for volume, the calculator and powering off the computer (don't hit that one by accident!). Typing proved to be quiet and fairly comfortable despite its lack of any ergonomic curves.

Spill, Baby, Spill

What separates the K200 from most of the other budget keyboards out there is its spill-resistant design. The keyboard has a few holes on the underside of the device that are meant to drain spilled liquids. As with most things involving electronics and water, there are a few caveats. Unlike the Kensington Washable keyboard, Logitech doesn't advise immersing the keyboard beneath the tap. In fact, the company says it's only been tested with 60 ml of liquid (or around 2 ounces).

Of course, since we don't measure the amount of liquid before we spill it, I spilled a healthy amount of grapefruit juice on my review unit to see what would happen. I let it dry for a few minutes (to promote stickiness) and rinsed it beneath the tap. Note that these are not the conditions that Logitech claims the keyboard will operate under, but it seemed like the most true-to-life scenario. I was careful not to get the USB connector wet -- never a good idea under any circumstances.

I let the K200 fully dry before plugging it into my laptop, and … it worked! It took a few minutes for the computer to register the keyboard. Although I received noticed that my driver had successfully downloaded, it took an extra three to five minutes before the green indicator lights illuminated and letters began appearing on screen. So although I wouldn't recommend dousing the keyboard with copious amounts of liquids as I did, it's nice to know that all is not lost should you go over the recommended 2 ounces.

The Bottom Line

Although the K200 has no ergonomic features other than the ability to raise the feet, it does have that handy spill-resistant design and those extra media keys. This would make a fine office accessory for the crowded and messy cube-dweller.

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