Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote PlayStation 3

Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote - Tilt

While it did take two and a half hours to set up the Harmony 700 universal remote with my home entertainment system, it was well worth it. Not only does it control most of the devices in my living room with the press of one activity button, it worked perfectly with my PS3, allowing for the control of the XMB, Blu-ray movies, streaming video and more all with the quality and elegance that defines the family of Logitech Harmony universal remote controls. The 700 may be an entry level universal remote, but it will run your living room with authority.


  • Very easy to set up with the PlayStation 3
  • Controls not only movies, but most PS3 functions
  • Activities function controls PS3, TV, and other devices with one button press
  • LCD screen allows for incredible customization
  • Last for one week between recharges


  • Requires separate Bluetooth adapter to work with PS3
  • Only controls 6 devices, max
  • Not everything was as easy to set-up as the PS3
  • Online set-up database labels and categories can be confusing


  • Included rechargeable batteries let you use your Harmony 700 for a week or more without having to plug in
  • Bright LCD allows for deep customization, offers full PS3 button support such as start, triangle, R1, L3, etc.
  • Controls up to six separate devices (replacing up to six remotes) but no more than that, unfortunately
  • Advertised to work with over 5000 brands and 225,000 devices, the list was impressive and worked with all my electronics
  • Guided online setup allows for serious customization, but many items are listed in strange categories
  • Harmony 700 universal remote has an IR sensor on the bottom to learn from other remotes you may have
  • "Activities" allows for functions like "Play PS3" or "Watch Blu-ray" to turn on and off devices and set them appropriately
  • Harmony 700 is sturdily built and surprisingly comfortable to hold and operate
  • Live support offered for the initial setup period of the remote
  • The Harmony 700 Universal Remote requires a Bluetooth adapter that Logitech sells separately to work with the PS3

    Guide Review - Logitech Harmony 700 Universal Remote PlayStation 3 (PS3) Review

    One of the biggest gripes about the PS3 was that it was an incredible media center playing Blu-ray disks, DVDs, CDs, MP3s, streaming internet video, media from your PC, and much much more. Unfortunately it relies on Bluetooth to communicate with wireless accessories, which is great for headsets and DualShock controllers, but just awful for universal remotes.

    With the release of the unwieldy named "Logitech Harmony Adapter for the PlayStation 3" the world of high-end remotes has finally opened up to the PS3, and what a grand place it is.

    I've only ever had cheap universal remotes in my life. The kind you get at Rite-Aid and wish you'd kept the receipt to return. The kind that you spend four hours setting up only to have it not be able to change channels. You know, the evil, cheap electronics kind. The Harmony 700 is a completely different beast, and it is beautiful.

    While setting up the remote to work with my Panasonic plasma, Pioneer amp, and PS3 was a breeze, getting it to work with my Roku, TiVo, and iPod Touch was a completely different story. The online software works well enough, but it took some searching to find out that the Roku listed under media center PCs. Though it took two and a half hours and some mild cursing to set up, the results were well worth it.

    With the press of a button my PS3, TV, and surround sound all turn on, and do so just the way I like. Another click and the PS3 is off, the TV changes inputs, and I'm watching TiVo. The Harmony 700 runs my entire entertainment system like a dream. But it's a dream that ends too soon. With a six device cap I had to leave my Wii and Xbox 360, sadly, out of the mix.

    Regardless, I now can use one remote to fully control my PS3 and find I use its various media functions far more often and have much more fun doing it. In short, the Harmony 700 is a perfect PS3 playmate.