Logitech Chorus Headset Aims to Boost Quest 2 Immersion

And remain comfortable while doing it

Meta Quest 2 owners looking for better audio solutions may not have to look much longer with Logitech's Chorus headset on the horizon.

The Quest 2 has pros and cons, but if you've wanted more auditory immersion in your VR, Logitech has what it believes is the solution. The Logitech Chorus for Meta Quest 2 is essentially a specialized set of headphones designed specifically to integrate with the Quest 2, both functionally and physically.

Meta Quest 2 with Logitech Chorus attached


Comfort was a big focus with the Chorus, which maintains an open-back structure with off-ear acoustics so it won't add too much bulk to what's already on your head. Having the speakers sit away from the ears rather than directly on them, coupled with the more open design, should also help keep you cool. Or at least, it won't get as warm as bulkier VR setups.

Weight shouldn't be much of an issue either, as the Chorus only weighs about six ounces. It also draws its power directly from the Quest 2 via USB-C, so between that and the open, integrated design, you could leave it attached to your VR headset indefinitely.

Product display in the Meta Store

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images

It's not just about how the Chorus physically hooks up to the Quest 2, though. Logitech also put some thought into the speaker design and how it will work in VR. The Chorus also utilizes open-back premium BMR audio drivers for higher performance sound with better accuracy. In other words, sounds are clearer and generally more immersive in VR.

Logitech expects the Chorus to be priced around $99 once it's available at retail (through Logitech's own website and other stores). When it'll be available for purchase remains unclear, however, as no estimated release date has been given yet, and the official Logitech product page isn't online.

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