Logitech and Tencent Partner to Build Cloud Gaming Handheld

It will support multiple cloud gaming services

Tencent Holdings and Logitech G are joining forces to make... a handheld gaming console?

Don't expect Tencent and Logitech's hardware to be a direct Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch competitor, though, as the device (which looks to still be in the planning stages) will act as a hub for cloud gaming. So you won't buy physical games for it or purchase digital copies on a company-specific online marketplace. Instead, you'll be able to access multiple cloud gaming services from one travel-sized device.

Tencent x Logitech G logo


"Multiple cloud gaming services" will be supported, with Logitech mentioning it's also working with NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Xbox Cloud Gaming on the project. Whether or not this means the new device will support those services, only those services or additional as-of-yet unnamed services remains to be seen. Regardless, it does mean you'd be able to carry around a handheld gaming system with the potential to play just about any PC game—provided it's available on the service.

Logitech G teaser


Neither Logitech nor Tencent have indicated how they plan to deal with the limitations of game streaming, however. These kinds of services can still be somewhat hampered by connection issues or slow internet connections—problems that are more likely to crop up when traveling. Unfettered access to multiple game streaming libraries may not be as impressive if you can't find a strong enough signal in your hotel or while on the train.

For now, the only thing we know for sure is this handheld game streaming device is in development. Dates, specifications, and a full list of supported cloud gaming services just aren't available right now. However, if you'd like Logitech to keep you in the loop, you can sign up for email updates.

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