How to Log Out of WhatsApp on iPhone or Android

Disconnect from WhatsApp for a while

What to Know

  • There's currently no way to log out from within the WhatsApp apps for iOS or Android. You can only delete it.
  • iOS: Settings > General > iPhone Storage > WhatsApp > Delete App or long tap the app on your home screen to select X or Remove App.
  • Android: Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Storage > Clear data.

WhatsApp doesn't have the option to log out on the iOS or Android apps. This article outlines how to delete the app on iOS and clear data on Android, which are the only ways to log out for all intents and purposes.

How to Log Out of WhatsApp on iPhone

To log out of WhatsApp on iOS, you basically have to delete the app from your device. If you're not already backing up your app data, follow the instructions at the end of this article before proceeding.

  1. Go to your iOS Settings.

  2. Select General.

  3. Select iPhone Storage.

  4. Scroll down and select WhatsApp.

    Steps to delete an app in iOS.
  5. Select Delete App.

  6. Confirm you want to delete the app by selecting Delete App again.

    Deleting Whatsapp from inside iOS Settings.


    You can also delete WhatsApp directly from your home screen by tapping and holding your finger down on the app icon. Depending on your iOS version, select the X in the top corner of the app icon or select Remove App from the menu.

How to Log Out of WhatsApp on Android

Unlike WhatsApp for iOS, you don't need to delete the Android app to log out of your account. You do, however, need to clear the app's data from your device settings. If you're don't already back up your app data, follow the instructions at the end of this article first.

  1. Open your Android device Settings.

  2. Scroll down and select Apps.

  3. Scroll down and select WhatsApp.

  4. Under Usage, select Storage.

    Deleting an app on Android via the Settings app.
  5. Tap Clear data at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Tap OK to confirm.

    The Clear data button and confirmation highlighted in Android.


    You can confirm you've been logged out by opening WhatsApp. You should see that you'll need to log back in again to use it.

What Else to Know About Logging Out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows you to log out of your account on the web, desktop app, or Facebook Portal, but no on the WhatsApp mobile apps. When you exit WhatsApp on your mobile device, the app goes into standby mode, meaning you'll still receive messages and calls.

Backing Up Your WhatsApp Data

If you want to back up your data on an iPhone, you need to link it to an iCloud account. In WhatsApp for iOS, tap Settings > Chat Backup > Back Up Now. Doing this will allow you to restore your chat history and media if you decide to return to the app.

On Android, you need to connect your account to a cloud service. In WhatsApp for Android, select the three vertical dots in the top corner followed by Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup. You then have the opportunity to restore your data when you log back in.

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