How to Lock a Mouse to One Monitor

How to lock your cursor to one screen in Windows 10

What to Know

  • Download Dual Monitor Tools from the official website. Install it.
  • On the tray icon, Select Options > Cursor > General > Lock cursor onto screen > Change.
  • Input your chosen command, and select OK.

This guide will teach you how to lock your mouse cursor to a single screen on a multi-monitor setup using the Dual Monitor Tools software.

How Do I Stop My Mouse Moving to My Second Monitor?

Windows doesn't include any built-in tools for locking down your mouse to a single monitor when you add a second monitor (although some full-screen games and applications will do it by default). The best way to control your mouse with dual monitors is to use the Dual Monitor Tools application.

  1. Download the Dual Monitor Tools application from the official website and install it.

  2. Right click or tap and hold the tray icon for Dual Monitor Tools and select Options.

    Dual Monitor Tools menu with Options highlighted
  3. Under the Cursor heading in the left-hand menu, select General.

    Dual Monitor Tools Options menu items with Cursor > General highlighted
  4. Next to Lock cursor onto screen select Change, then tick the Enable box, input your chosen command, and press OK.

    Dual Monitor Tools Change Hot key for locking screen menu with Change, Enable This Hotkey, and OK highlighted

It can also be useful to tick the Allow cursor to move freely if this key is pressed so you can quickly and temporarily disable the screen lock if necessary.

How Do I Lock My Cursor to a Game?

Many modern games will automatically set your screen mode to borderless window without locking your cursor if switching between applications, but that can be problematic if your mouse keeps straying to the second display when you move it past the bounds of the screen. To stop this behavior, either use the Dual Monitor Tools method above, or switch your game's display mode to Fullscreen (non-windowed) in the settings menu.

How Do I Control My Mouse With Dual Monitors?

Controlling your mouse across dual monitors is as simple as it is with a single larger monitor. If setup correctly, the dual displays should function as one extended display (or as a duplicated one, if you prefer). For deeper control or the ability to lock your mouse to a single display, no matter how many screens you have, Download Dual Monitor tools and try the different settings available to get the results you desire.

  • How do I lock my mouse to one monitor without using third-party software?

    Another way to stop your mouse from moving to your second monitor is to adjust your settings. Right-click the desktop to bring up Desktop Settings. You'll see your current dual-monitor setup with side-by-side alignment. Select your second monitor and drag it to a diagonal position. Now, your mouse will only go to the second monitor when you move the cursor diagonally.

  • How do I move the mouse to a second monitor in a game?

    To be able to move your mouse between two monitors, go to the game's graphics options and enable the Borderless Windowed option. Then, check your aspect ratio settings; if switching to Borderless Windowed changed these settings, change them back to avoid your game window being too big or too small. Press Alt + Tab to switch between the two monitors.

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