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Display the content of standard local-specific environment variables

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The locale program writes information about the current locale environment, or all locales, to standard output. It's a Linux program standard on most distributions.

When invoked without arguments, locale summarizes the current locale environment for each locale category defined by the LC_* environment variables.


locale command

The command takes the following general form:

locale [ -a | -m]
locale [ -ck ] name... 


Extend and modify the command's performance with one of these switches:

  • -a--all-locales: Write names of available locales.
  • -m--charmaps: Write names of available charmaps.

Output Format

Specify output formats with a pair of switches:

  • -c--category-name: Write names of selected categories.
  • -k--keyword-name: Write names and values of selected keywords.

Use the man command (% man) to see how a command is used on your particular computer.