Having a Local Number and Its Benefits

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A local number is a phone number that you have in one area or locality without being physically there. For example, you may be living outside the United States but have a number in New York, with its area code and the whole nomenclature resembling that of a New York number. 

It is possible and easy for you to acquire a local number. Many providers offer this service and by registering online you can obtain immediately. Most are paid, with prices being around 5-10 dollars a month. But this price tag includes many other services. You can also have a local number for free with a handful of services. Here is how to get a free phone number

Local numbers are interesting when used with VoIP as they allow considerably cutting down communication costs especially for international calls, and bring in many features and enhancements in communication. 

Reasons for Having a Local Number 

With a local number, you establish your presence in a certain part of the country or the world. This is important to some business and individuals. You want to show you are there on your visit card.

A number in one particular area saves people in that area from incurring costs related to international calls. Say you are abroad and still want to be reached by people 'back home'. You can have them use your local number there, which will have your phone ring wherever you are. You will be paying for the extra reach, but the callers will pay only for a local call. 

A local number can also serve as a virtual number and helps you protect your private number. You can give it to your contacts, keeping the private one safe, and still receive calls from them on your phone. 

You can have more than one local number. This makes you 'present' in many parts of the country or of the world.