Make many-to-many video calls with LiveRing

Family dinner can now be handled remotely.

There's a new social app in town called LiveRing and it's claiming to change video calls from one-to-one to many-to-many.

LiveRing, which describes itself as "the first social many-to-many live video app", just announced the availability of its mobile video app for iPhone and Android users, which brings new abilities to video chats. Specifically, it enables users to launch calls to friends and connect up to five people in a real-time video call.

LiveRing capitalizes on the “moment marketing” movement, in which social mobile apps and networks provide real-time moment sharing. With LiveRing, users can invite friends to join in a real-time moment, and users can even take and share a “group selfie” image.

LiveRing is the first mobile video experience that enables users to share live group video in a social networking setting. LiveRing can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store at

Unlike live video streaming apps, such as Periscope and Meerkat, LiveRing enables a fully interactive social engagement, as opposed to a one-way broadcast. LiveRing’s user interface, which creates circles for each participant’s face, enables each user to hear and see each other, replicating a face-to-face group meeting. The LiveRing app offers unique potential for marketers with users’ undivided real-time attention, geolocation, and personalization tags.

For the target group of teenagers and young adults, the app offers social sharing features that can change how moments are shared and increase fan engagement.

The trend toward app-based interaction is nothing new and continuing to expand all the time. Apps such as Viber and WhatsApp have been giving users an alternative to native Apple and Android calling and video chats.

LiveRing is unique in that up to five people at one time can share in the chat. The focus is much more on social interaction than personal branding and broadcasting.

“Being truly social is not about saving our recorded lives. Human communication is about action and reaction, and only live mobile video can create that kind of presence using technology,” said LiveRing founder and CEO, Daniel Holmstrom. “Imagine, for example, a cool moment, where you just wish your best friends were there with you. It is for these moments that we created LiveRing.”

LiveRing first tried entering the game with the idea of sharing around big moments, whether football games or concerts, that users would want to share live. The team found that a shared, live memory was a more compelling use case, rather than sharing a static photo or video. Having a presence in someone else’s moment – whether seeing a new-born baby, or a new home, captures true experiences in ways that current apps do not allow.

Unlike Skype or other video calling services which can connect several people in a live video call, LiveRing enables true on-the-go mobile video sharing for up to a few minutes. The moment marketing capabilities of LiveRing will provide users, brands and advertisers with opportunities to create engaging real-time social network interaction, in an easy-to-use manner.

With changes in this space coming as quickly as they can be dreamed up, this looks like another interesting app in a long line of social tools developed to connect us all.