How to Watch the Stanley Cup Livestream (2021)

The best hockey livestreams of the year

NBC has the broadcast rights for the Stanley Cup, and games are set to appear on NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, and possibly the Golf Channel. The best way to stream is through your cable provider or a streaming service like Hulu or YouTube TV that has good coverage for the NBC family of networks. You can also livestream the Stanley Cup with a subscription to NHL TV.

The NHL 2020-2021 season started on Wednesday, January 13. Playoffs began in mid-May and the Stanley Cup will take place in July.

How to Watch the Stanley Cup Livestream

NHL playoff games will be broadcast on at least four channels, including three cable channels and one major network. You can't catch all the action if you rely on an antenna to watch TV. Even if you do have cable, check to make sure that your package includes the necessary channels.

If you're a cord-cutter, the best way to catch the full Stanley Cup playoffs is through a livestreaming television service. If you want to watch every game in the NHL playoffs, these are the channels that will air games:

  • NBC: Stanley Cup games are set to air on NBC throughout the playoffs, and the finals will be split between NBC and NBC Sports. If you want to catch the most important games, you absolutely need to have NBC.
  • NBC Sports: Games air on NBC Sports throughout the playoffs, and a couple of games from the Stanley Cup finals also air on this network. That makes this your second highest priority.
  • CNBC: Many games, especially early-round games, air on CNBC, so this is also an important network to target.
  • USA: NBC typically chooses to air a decent number of first-round Stanley Cup games on USA. If you want access to these games, make sure you have some way to watch or stream USA.
  • The Golf Channel, NHL Network: Historically, NBC has chosen to air a handful of Stanley Cup games on these channels. In case NBC opts to air a game on one of them, it may pay off to have access.
  • NHL TV: This is the official streaming service of the NHL, which airs every NHL game.

How to Access Stanley Cup Livestreams From NBC, NBC Sports, CNBC, and USA

Since individual games will appear on four networks, the best way to stream the NHL playoffs is to use a streaming service that includes everything. Television streaming services provide live access to the same channels you would normally watch through cable or satellite, but you stream them over the internet instead.

To take advantage of one of these services, you need a subscription to the service, a device that's capable of streaming, and a high-speed internet connection. These services provide access to different combinations of channels, and some have better coverage for networks like NBC. That means some have better coverage for NHL playoff games than others.

Devices that are capable of streaming include your computer (through any modern web browser), your smartphone, a set-top box like a Roku, and game consoles like the Xbox One, Xbox S/X, PlayStation 4, and PS5.

Here are your options, including the relevant channels they offer:

YouTube TV Yes Yes Yes Widest coverage
Hulu With Live TV Yes Yes Yes Good coverage
AT&T TV Now Yes Yes Yes Decent coverage
Sling TV Sling Blue Add-on Sling Blue Limited markets
fuboTV Yes Yes Yes Limited markets

For most people, Hulu with Live TV represents the best option for streaming NHL playoffs games. It includes NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, and has NBC in more markets than its competitors.

YouTube TV is also a good option, as it offers all the necessary channels and has NBC in a large number of markets. AT&T TV Now is a viable option as well, if it offers NBC where you live.

fuboTV is also a fine option, but it only offers NBC in a limited number of markets. The same is true of Sling TV. However, if you choose Sling, you'll need to pay for the News Extra add-on.

Since the availability of NBC differs from one service to the next, check each service to see if NBC is available in your ZIP code.

Livestream the Stanley Cup Playoffs on Your Phone, Tablet, or Streaming Device

If you want to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs on your mobile device, set-top box, or game console, here are the apps you'll need:

Stream the Stanley Cup Playoffs On NHL TV

The NHL has its own streaming service called NHL TV. For $9.99 a month, you can stream live games in a web browser or on your smart TV. Sign up on the official website to start watching in your browser. To watch on your TV, download the NHL TV streaming app on your smart TV and go to Settings > Log In.

Free Online Sports Websites to Stream the Stanley Cup Playoffs

As a method of last resort, the final option for livestreaming the Stanley Cup playoffs is to use a free sports streaming website. These sites don't have the rights to stream NHL games or any games at all, so they typically link to free streams.

Here are the names of some free sports streaming sites that usually provide Stanley Cup playoff games:

  • Stream2Watch
  • FromHot
  • Bosscast
  • Cricfree

Free sports streaming websites can sometimes have malicious ads that install malware on a computer. Before you visit any of these sites, you may want to install a good ad-blocking plug-in.

The Full Stanley Cup Playoffs Calendar

Visit ESPN for the latest on the Stanley Cup playoff matchups.

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