How to Live Stream The Grammys Online

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The Grammys are set to air on CBS again in 2020, with additional red carpet pre-show coverage expected from CBS, and possibly other sources like Billboard. Live streaming the Grammys is easy if you follow a few important tips.

Since the 62nd annual Grammy Awards are on CBS, you'll be able to catch the entire ceremony, and some pre-show coverage, on your local CBS channel, but you can also live stream the entire event online.

If you have a smartphone, computer, or even a compatible television streaming device, and a high speed internet connection, you're already most of the way there.

Grammys 2020 Date, Time and Channel:

Date: January 26, 2020
Time: TBD
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles
Channel: CBS
Stream: CBS All Access

How to Watch the Grammys 2020 Live Stream

There are two official ways to watch the Grammys 2020 live stream: the CBS All Access website, and the CBS All Access app. The CBS All Access website works with most devices and web browsers, and the app is available for Android, iOS, Amazon Fire, Roku, and other platforms.

CBS All Access is a premium live television streaming service that cannot be accessed without a subscription. You don't need to have a cable or satellite television subscription, but you do need to sign up for the CBS All Access service itself.

Television streaming services like DirecTV Now and YouTube TV also offer access to a live CBS stream where you can watch the Grammys if you live in a participating media market. CBS All Access is less expensive and is available in more areas.

Stream the Grammy Awards Live on CBS All Access Free

CBS All Access is a service that provides access to a live stream of your local CBS television station. The live stream is available in 180 markets across the United States. In addition to a live CBS stream, the service also provides on demand access to a huge library of CBS shows.

Since the Grammy Awards air on CBS, the easiest way to stream the ceremony is to sign up for a free trial from CBS All Access. If you already have CBS All Access, you're already set; just check the app for showtimes in your area. To sign up for the free trial:

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click Try it FREE.

  3. Select your plan and click Continue.

  4. Enter your billing information and click Sign Up.

  5. On the day of the Grammy Awards, return to to watch the show.

For more in-depth instructions, and information about the service, check out our full guide to CBS All Access.

You need to enter billing information to sign up for CBS All Access, but your credit card will not be billed if you cancel within the trial period. Sign up for the free trial within one week of the Grammy Awards if all you want to watch is Grammys.

How to Watch the Grammys Live on Your Phone or Other Device

When you sign up for the CBS All Access free trial, you can watch live television on your computer or any compatible device with the same account. Just download the CBS All Access app on your phone, or other compatible device, and log in to your account.

If you don't already have the CBS All Access app, here's where to get it:

After you download and install the app, all you need to do is log in on the day of the ceremony and tap on the icon for the Grammy Awards. If you miss the show, you can also watch a replay on demand the following day.

Other Ways to Live Stream the Grammys

In addition to CBS All Access, some other television streaming services also include access to a live stream of your local CBS station. However, the availability of CBS is more limited on these services than it is on CBS All Access. If you live outside a participating media market, these services are only able to provide on demand access to shows that have already aired.

Here are some of the live television streaming services that offer CBS:

Verify that a streaming service actually offers CBS in your area before you sign up.

What if the Official CBS Grammys Live Stream Isn't Available in Your Area?

If you live in an area where the local CBS station doesn't have a deal with any streaming service, and CBS All Access isn't available, then you're out of luck. If there is no local CBS station at all, or you are unable to receive a signal from the nearest station with an antenna, then you may need to look to unofficial sources.

There are a handful of other streaming options for the Grammys, including software like Ace Stream and Kodi, but they aren't officially supported. These services rely on other viewers to stream the event, so the quality and availability is not always the greatest.

If you do resort to one of these unofficial methods, then you will need to wait until the day of the event and then search for a Grammys Ace Stream content ID or a Kodi add-on that includes the Grammy Awards.

Only use Ace Stream content IDs and Kodi add-ons from trusted sources. Use these programs, and others like them, at your own risk.

Grammys 2020 Red Carpet Coverage and Pre-Show Live Streams

Date: January 26, 2020
Time: TBA
Streams: CBS All Access, TBA

Full Grammys pre-show coverage was presented on CBS prior to the official start of the awards ceremony broadcast in 2019, and similar coverage is expected for the 62nd annual Grammy Awards red carpet in 2020. If CBS does provide red carpet coverage, the pre-show event will be available to stream on CBS All Access just like the awards ceremony.

Additional Grammys red carpet coverage was provided by Billboard in 2019, with the live stream available on Twitter. Similar pre-show coverage may also be available for the 2020 Grammys.

Stay tuned for more information about the Grammys 2020 red carpet pre-show coverage as it becomes available.

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