How to Live Stream on Twitch

All the ways to stream gameplay

It's possible to use Twitch to live stream games and other content via most gaming systems. This article explains how to stream on Twitch on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone.

All these methods require you to have a free Twitch account. 

How to Live Stream to Twitch From PC

Learning how to go live on Twitch on PC is very simple, thanks to the official desktop app - Twitch Studio. How to stream on Twitch from a PC only requires the app and a PC to broadcast from, although optional extras such as a capture card for enhanced streaming, a microphone for talking to viewers, and a webcam can enhance your experience. 

It's also possible to use Twitch's OBS Studio software to stream content. 

How to Live Stream From a Mac

The process for live streaming from Macs is the same on PCs streaming. Twitch Studio and OBS Studios are the best options for Mac gamers. 

How to Live Stream From PlayStation 5

It's easy to live stream on Twitch on PlayStation 5 thanks to the console having a dedicated Create button on its controller. Press that button, then choose to broadcast rather than take screenshots, and you can go live on Twitch within seconds.

How to Live Stream From Playstation 4

Are you wondering how to stream on Twitch PS4 edition? All you need to live stream on Twitch on PlayStation 4 is your console and the official PlayStation 4 Twitch app. It only takes a few minutes to get started, although we recommend that you buy a PS4 camera to share your reactions while your gaming unfolds. 

How to Live Stream From Xbox Series X or S

Wondering how to go live on Twitch on Xbox Series X or S? All you need to do to live stream on Twitch on Xbox Series X or S is to download the Twitch app and log in. Select Broadcast, and you can begin streaming content within moments.

Again, it's recommended that you use a compatible USB webcam to stream your reactions as you play, but it's not essential. No additional hardware is required to begin streaming.

How to Live Stream From Xbox One

Live streaming on Twitch on Xbox One is very similar to streaming on Xbox Series X or S. download the Twitch app on your console and log in to broadcast your content. 

If you own an Xbox One Kinect Sensor, you can stream your visual reactions to games, too, without needing to buy any additional equipment. 

How to Live Stream From Nintendo Switch

Knowing how to start streaming on Twitch on Nintendo Switch is a little more awkward than with other consoles. You'll need to use HDMI cords to connect a gaming capture card to the TV and the Switch to do so as the Nintendo Switch doesn't have its own Twitch app. 

Nintendo is also very protective of its property than other companies like Microsoft or Sony so keep that in mind before streaming from a Switch. You're likely to face takedown requests during your streams. 

How to Live Stream From Mobile

Livestreaming mobile games on Twitch requires you to have a PC (Windows or Mac), a copy of the Reflector 3 program, and OBS Studio. 

While it might sound complicated, our guide breaks things down, and it's actually relatively simple to do once you've completed the steps a couple of times. 

  • How do I save a live stream from Twitch?

    You can save a video of any of your live streams through your Twitch Creator Dashboard. From the Dashboard select Content > Video Producer, and then find the video you want to save. Select the three dots next to the video you want to save, then select Download to save the video to your computer.

  • Can I test a stream without going live first?

    Yes, you can test your stream before broadcasting by using Twitch's Inspector tools. Log in at, then select the Channel drop-down. Find the channel you want to test, open the Test Server drop-down menu, and select the nearest server > Start Test.

  • How do I rewind a live stream on Twitch?

    As long as the streamer has Video On Demand (VOD) turned on, select Rewind to go back up to 60 minutes.

  • How can I watch an entire Twitch live stream from the beginning?

    Go to the account page for the streamer you want to watch, then select the Videos tab. If it's a recent stream, go to Recent Broadcasts and choose the video that you want to start watching from the beginning.

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