Listsvc (Recovery Console)

How to Use the Listsvc Command in the Windows XP Recovery Console

The listsvc command is a Recovery Console command that lists the services and drivers available for enabling or disabling while in Recovery Console.

Listsvc Command Syntax


The listsvc command has no additional switches or options.

Listsvc Command Examples


In the above example, typing the listsvc command will display a complete, multi-page list of all services and drivers available on your computer. Next to each service or driver, listsvc details the startup status of each one.

The listsvc command is often used to display a complete list of services or drivers for enabling or disabling using those respective commands.

Listsvc Command Availability

The listsvc command is only available from within the Recovery Console in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Listsvc Related Commands

The listsvc command is often used with the enable and disable Recovery Console commands.