How to List All the Commands Available in Word

Microsoft Word includes an exhaustive list of all commands

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What to Know

  • View tab > Macros group > Macros > View Macros > select Macros in drop-down menu > Word commands.
  • In Macro name list, select ListCommands > Run. In List Commands box, select All Word commands > OK.

This article explains how to display the macro commands available in Microsoft Word, which will show the location of all available commands and the associated shortcut key. Instructions apply to Word for Microsoft 365, Word 2019, Word 2016, Word 2013, and Word 2010.

Display a List of All Word Commands

To show all possible Word commands:

  1. Select the View tab.

    Word with the View tab highlighted
  2. In the Macros group, choose Macros.

    View ribbon in Word with the Macros heading highlighted
  3. Select View Macros.

    Macros menu in Word with the View Macros command highlighted
  4. Select the Macros in drop-down arrow, then choose Word commands.

    Macros menu with the Word Commands option highlighted
  5. In the Macro name list, select ListCommands.

    The menu is in alphabetical order.

    Macros screen in Word with ListCommands highlighted
  6. Select Run.

    Macros window in Word with the Run button highlighted
  7. In the List Commands dialog box, select Current menu and keyboard settings for an abbreviated list or All Word commands for an exhaustive list.

    Macro Commands in Word
  8. Select OK.

    Macro commands in Word with the OK button highlighted
  9. The list of Microsoft Word commands appears in a new document. Either print the document or save it for future reference.

    Screenshot of list of commands in Word

The command lists are long. The abbreviated list runs seven pages in Microsoft 365, while the complete list is longer. The list includes all the keyboard shortcuts that work in Microsoft Word.

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