How to Listen to Super Bowl LIV (54)

Radio broadcasts and other ways to hear the big game

Each year, millions of football fans celebrate the Super Bowl, the National Football League's annual championship game. On this de facto national holiday, family and friends gather around the television to cheer on their favorite team.

But not everyone can watch Super Bowl LIV on television. Fortunately, if you find yourself without access to a TV, there are a number of ways to listen to the big game.

Super Bowl LIV (54) Date, Time, and Channel

Listen on SiriusXM Satellite Radio

SiriusXM NFL Radio Screenshot, where you can listen to the Super Bowl

SiriusXM Satellite Radio is a satellite radio subscription service that broadcasts the Super Bowl as well as many other sporting events. Various channels will broadcast the game in languages other than English, as well.

With SiriusXM, listen to every NFL game during the season as well as NFL-related talk shows and analysis.

Listen With Westwood One Network Stations

Westwood One Sports Broadcasts, where you can listen to the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be broadcast on Westwood One Sports radio affiliates. Westwood has affiliates across the country, so you'll need to check a list of stations by using the company's interactive map to pinpoint the one closest to you.

Listen With TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio where you can listen to the Super Bowl

TuneIn Radio broadcasts the Super Bowl as well other NFL games through its "premium" subscription service. Listen to podcasts, analysis, and sports talk about the Super Bowl in the run-up to the game, as well as afterward.

Listen With NFL Game Pass

Screenshot of NFL GamePass, where you can listen to the Super Bowl

NFL Game Pass, a subscription service, lets you listen to live broadcasts of NFL games, including the Super Bowl, via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The service also allows subscribers to watch repeats of all NFL games after they have aired live.

Listen With the NFL App

NFL App Collection

Formerly a perk for only Verizon customers, everyone can now stream NFL games on mobile devices with the NFL app. The free streaming is limited to local-market games and primetime national games but does include playoff games and the Super Bowl. This is handy if you're driving and want to listen to the big game.

Get Updates From ESPN Radio

Screenshot of ESPN Radio, where you can listen to Super Bowl updates

ESPN Radio will provide Super Bowl updates, and, which you can access via your computer or smartphone, provides updates to all NFL games, including the Super Bowl.

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