How to Listen to Pandora Stations Offline

You don't need the internet to listen to your favorite music


If you’re a Pandora lover, we recommend making your playlists available offline. Saving a few to your phone doesn’t take up a ton of storage space on your device, and saved music can be an amazing thing to have on hand when you’re away from a data connection but in desperate need of some great tunes. The feature works on both Android and iOS devices.

If you’ve never made your playlists available offline, doing so is super simple and can be done in just a few minutes. One important caveat: You have to be a paid subscriber to Pandora via Pandora Plus ($5/month) or to Pandora Premium ($10/month.) You can check out the plans on Pandora's site.

Before you do this, we highly recommend connecting your phone to Wi-Fi. You can download music over a cellular data connection rather than Wi-Fi, but it’s going to take a decent amount of data to get everything downloaded. If you have the option to connect to a wireless network you should do it. You'll save some time, since Wi-Fi is faster than cellular data in most situations, as well as save some cash.

  1. Launch the Pandora app. 

  2. Making stations available offline requires you to actually have stations available to make offline. If you haven’t made any radio stations on Pandora yet, take a few minutes to create some. You’ll also need to listen to them for at least a few songs so that Pandora considers them your favorite.

  3. Tap the three lines ​located at the top left side of the app in order to bring up Pandora’s menu. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an Offline Mode slider. Slide that bar to the right to initiate offline mode on your device. When you do, Pandora will sync your top four stations onto your phone and make them available offline.

  4. That’s it. When you first do it, we'd recommend letting your phone stay connected to the Wi-Fi network for a half hour or so to make sure everything syncs. Our download was done in just a few minutes, but how fast things happen will depend on the speed of your connection. Once everything in synched, whenever you want to listen to tunes offline you just need to go to that same menu and then toggle the offline button on. The app will stay in offline mode until you put it back in the traditional mode, so keep that in mind once you get back home to your data connection.

Why Use Pandora in Offline Mode?

We listen to Pandora every single day. We have a radio station for when we run, another for when we're walking the dog, and another for when we're just hanging out at home. 

We use offline mode because we love to travel. Going to different countries can be an amazing experience, except for the cell phone bill. Whenever we travel we try to use as little data as possible to avoid hefty charges ​that come ​at the end of the month, but that means cutting out certain apps.

Why? Because streaming music takes up a good bit of data, which means it’s off limits for those with limited data plans. You also miss out on listening when you’re places like planes and trains where your data connection is slow or nonexistent.

The feature is awesome when you're traveling somewhere where you don't have solid access to free data, but it can also come in handy when you're just home as well. If you’re on a limited data plan, then you might still want to listen offline sometimes rather than stream the same station. The stream will be uninterrupted, and you’ll conserve that precious data to use for something else.