How to Listen to Pandora Stations Offline

You don't need the internet to listen to your favorite music

If you’re a Pandora lover, we recommend making your playlists available offline. Saving playlists doesn’t take up a ton of storage space on your device, and saved music can be an amazing perk when you’re away from a data connection but in desperate need of some great tunes.

These instructions apply to Pandora running on any version of Android or iOS. Although Pandora offers an app for Windows 10, the Windows app does not support offline playlists.

Subscription Required

Your account must feature a paid subscription to Pandora through Pandora Plus ($4.99/month) or Pandora Premium ($9.99/month). Check out the Pandora subscription plans on Pandora's site. The Pandora Plus option lets you save up to four stations for offline listening; Pandora Premium supports unlimited downloading for offline listening.

Young woman relaxing with headphones at home listening to Pandora offline
Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

How to Download Songs on Pandora for Offline Listening

If your account is enabled for offline listening, the procedure is simple. Tap the three lines ​located at the top left side of the app to bring up Pandora’s menu. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see an Offline Mode slider. Slide that bar to the right to initiate offline mode on your device. When you do, Pandora will sync your top four stations onto your phone and make them available offline.

Using Pandora in Offline Mode

Connect your phone to Wi-Fi before you sync stations. You can download music over a cellular data connection rather than Wi-Fi, but it’s going to take a decent amount of data to get everything downloaded. If you have the option to connect to a wireless network, you should do it. You'll save time, since Wi-Fi is faster than cellular data in most situations, and you'll save money if you keep pressing the limits of a metered cellular data plan.

The real benefit of Pandora in offline mode comes from your freedom to listen to music when you cannot connect to the internet. When you're on an airplane, in an office basement, on a road trip, or running on the trail, you'll often lack both Wi-Fi and cellular signals. Offline Pandora saves the day by still piping the tunes you love straight into your earbuds without the need to consume data.

If you put Pandora into offline mode manually, even when you have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal, you'll enjoy your synced music without using any network bandwidth at all.