Listen to Free Library Audiobooks With Sonos

Support your local library while you're stuck at home

While away the hours you're stuck at home during the pandemic with free audiobooks from your local library and your Sonos speaker.

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Those of us staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic may be searching for ways to pass the time, including listening to audiobooks. Sonos has now added the ability to play free audiobooks from your local library via OverDrive's Libby app.

What you need: A library card, OverDrive's Libby app, and a Sonos speaker. You can, of course, listen to your library's audiobooks via any other speaker, Bluetooth or otherwise, but this is a new feature in Sonos' smart devices.

Sonos says: "This new Sonos compatibility is our latest response to how librarians are evolving to best promote and provide access to books and reading anytime, anywhere," said OverDrive's Shannon Lichty in a statement. "Our partnership with Sonos for public library audiobooks will enable millions of households to enjoy the sounds and narration of a great story anywhere a Sonos speaker is connected."  

How it works: Once you've checked out a library audiobook via Libby and connected Libby to the Sonos app, you can play the audiobook on your Sonos speaker. Better still, your progress in the book is saved in Libby itself, letting you listen in your car, with your Bluetooth headphones, or with any other speaker you can connect to.

It's easy: If you're one of the seven million Sonos users around the globe and have access to a local library that supports OverDrive, you're set for hours of audiobook entertainment. Libby is available on iOS and on Android for free.

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