Listen and Record Music From Internet Radio Stations

Free software programs that play and record streaming music from Web radio

If you use a software media player such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp, then you’ve probably already discovered that these programs can also be used for listening to online radio stations. There are thousands of streams that you can tune into, just like traditional radio stations that broadcast over the airwaves.

But, what if you want to record as well?

Most music these days is either streamed or downloaded. But, if you're old enough to remember being able to record radio onto cassette tape, then there are software programs that can do this too — the only difference is they create digital audio files like MP3s.

However, a lot of free internet radio players that you can download only stream audio. Not all of them will have a recording feature.

So, to save you time here is a list of free software programs that do an excellent job of recording online radio which can then be played back anytime.

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RadioSure Free

RadioSure Internet Radio Recorder screenshot

RadioSure is a highly polished internet radio player that gives you access to over 17,000 radio stations. The free version has an impressive amount of options that also allows you to record as well as listen.

The program is also smart enough to save each song separately and add basic music tag information. The interface is well designed and is also skinnable too — in fact, there are a few free ones you can download from the RadioSure website.

To start listening to an internet radio station, you simply scroll through the list of available stations. For something more specific, a search box allows you to type in a genre or the name of a station.

As you might expect, the pro version offers enhancements such as recording songs from the beginning (if you didn't record straight away), more simultaneous recordings, hi-res cover art, and more.

Overall, RadioSure is a good solid option if you want to listen to internet radio and record it too. 

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Nexus Radio

Nexus Radio Internet Radio Recorder screenshot

Nexus Radio is primarily a music search program for finding your favorite songs, artists, etc. But, it also has an internet radio facility too. You can use Nexus Radio to download music directly to your computer via its music search facility or play and record live broadcasts from one of the many web radio stations.

There are over 11,000 stations at the time of writing. Other neat features include iPod / iPhone compatibility, ringtone creation, and an ID3 tag editor. There is a slight annoyance when installing Nexus Radio which you should be aware of. The program comes with third-party software which is installed by default unless you uncheck this option.

That said, Nexus Radio offers a huge resource of music and web radio stations that is still well worth the download.

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Jobee Internet Radio Recorder screenshot

Jobee which is available as a free download for Windows is a multi-talented software program. As well as being a good tool for listening to internet radio stations, it can also record streams as MP3s — although it doesn't split the recording into individual songs.

This media player can also be used to listen to music already stored on your computer. It's fairly basic as far as media players go, but it gets the job done. It also doubles as an RSS reader too.

This software program isn't being developed now, but it still might be a useful tool to have if you need a web radio recorder that can also pull in RSS news feeds too.

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