A List of iPhone Games

The iPhone seems like a natural platform for games. Having a little time-killer with you whenever you need it has a lot of appeal and many cell phone users have been buying games, or just enjoying the ones preloaded on their phones, for years.

However, because the iPhone doesn’t let users install their own programs (sort of; more on that in a minute), the market for iPhone games is a little slim right now.

That hasn’t stopped some determined people from writing games designed for the iPhone.

On this page you can find a list of many of the games that have been released for the iPhone to date. I will update the page as I learn of new games.

If you have developed a game for the iPhone, please email me and I will add it.

Web-Based Games
These games don’t need to be installed – just point the iPhone’s Safari web browser to these sites and you’ll be ready to play!

  • Chess - Self-explanatory, I think
  • Sudoku - Another version of the Sudoku puzzle game for the iPhone
  • iPhone 8 Ball - A digital version of the Magic 8 Ball

Installable Games
These games run as native programs on your iPhone, meaning they have to be installed. Apple doesn’t allow this, so you’ll need to follow the instructions and use the software developed by other people.

If you do this, though, be advised you’re doing it at your own risk and may ruin your iPhone.

These games are in various stages of development and not all are finished, polished applications.

  • iPhone Doom – Believe it or not, a version of the popular FPS Doom for the iPhone
  • gpSPhone - A Gameboy Advance emulator
  • iSolitaire - The card game for one
  • Sudoku - The puzzle craze
  • iTicTacToe - The regular tic tac toe game we all know and love
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