A List of Apple's iPad Apps

The iPad family: Pro, Air and Mini.

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Looking for a great way to beef up your app library? Apple has a host of apps that are free to download on your iPad, including a fun movie trailer app, games, a link to educational resources and a remote for iTunes. Now that iLife and iWork are free for new owners, you have access to productivity and creativity apps.

If you are having trouble finding them in the app store, or you just don't want to go to the trouble of searching for each of them individually, here's a list of some of Apple's apps at the App Store.

The iWork and iLife apps may not be free on your device. They are only free for new device owners starting with the release of the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. The iPad Pro and some new iPads with additional storage capabilities may come with some of these apps pre-installed. 

iWork Productivity Suite

The iWork set of apps is free to owners of new iOS devices. Even if you recently purchased an iPhone, you can download these on your iPad so long as they are both on the same Apple account.

  • Pages. The Pages app is a word processor for the iPad. It's a fully functional app that is good for most personal and business uses.
  • Keynote. The Keynote app is for presentations. If you plan on using the iPad for work, Keynote can be a great addition.
  • Numbers. The Numbers spreadsheet is the most in need of polishing in the iWork suite, but it is still quite serviceable for most personal uses like keeping up with a family budget.

iLife Creativity Suite

Like the iWork suite, iLife is now free for new iOS devices.

  • GarageBand. The GarageBand app is a music studio that includes multi-track recording and a host of virtual instruments. Great for musicians, this one is fun for almost anyone that loves music and wants to experiment with making some.
  • iMovie. Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? iMovie takes a lot of work out of the process by providing easy-to-use templates to insert your movie clips into to make your video.
  • iPhoto. Deserving of being on the must-have list, iPhoto won't replace Photoshop, but it is great for touching up photos. If you have Photo Stream turned on, you can take photos with your iPhone and edit them on your iPad.

General-Interest Apps

  • Podcasts. The Podcasts app gives you access to thousands upon thousands of free podcasts on almost any topic.
  • Find My Friends. Find My Friends is like Find My iPhone for your friends. Even if you don't want your friends to know where you are at all times, the app can have great temporary uses, such as turning it on to help meet up at a parade or helping co-workers find an offsite meeting spot.
  • iTunes U. If you are looking to expand your education or a student looking for extra help, iTunes U is your ticket to complete courses on a variety of subjects.
  • iTunes Movie Trailers. If you love movies, you'll love this app. You can watch trailers for new movies, upcoming movies, independent movies you've never heard of and trailers for movies you are thinking about buying in iTunes.
  • Apple Store. The Apple Store app provides an easy way to shop the Apple Store on your iPad.

Apple Utilities

  • Remote. The Remote app turns your iPad into a remote for Apple services in your house, including control over iTunes and Apple TV.
  • Logic Remote. If you own Logic Pro X on your Mac, you'll want Logic Remote for your iPad. It allows you to adjust your mixer and trigger the record button without the need to have your Mac right next to you.
  • AirPort Utility. If you own an AirPort base station, the AirPort Utility will allow you to manage it from your iPad.

Developer Tools

  • iTunes Connect Mobile. This app is mostly for App Store developers who want to track sales from their iPad. While the app doesn't allow you to fully manage your apps, it does provide an easy way to digest sales data.
  • WWDC. Developers and users alike may be interested in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and if you can't attend, this app will let you watch some of the session videos.
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