Linksys WRT160N Default Password

Forgot Your Linksys WRT160N Router Password? Here's How to Get In

Picture of a Linksys WRT160N Wireless Router
Linksys WRT160N Wireless Router.

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The default password for the Linksys WRT160N router is admin. This password, like most passwords, is case sensitive, which in this instance means all the letters should be in lowercase.

When you're asked for the WRT160N username, just leave that field blank. Some Linksys routers use a default username but that's not the case with the WRT160N. is the default IP address for the Linksys WRT160N.

Although this router comes in three different hardware versions, the default username, password, and IP address mentioned above are the same for each version.

Help! The WRT160N Default Password Doesn't Work!

When the default password for a router no longer works, it most likely means that the password has been changed to something else, probably something much more secure. The default password for the WRT160N router is way too easy for anyone to guess, which is probably why it was changed.

The good thing is that you can just reset the router back to its default settings to restore the default password and login with admin.

Here's how to reset the Linksys WRT160N router:

  1. Make sure the router is plugged in and powered on.

  2. Turn the WRT160N around to its back side where the cables are connected.

  3. Press and hold down the Reset button for 5-10 seconds with something small and sharp like a paperclip.

  4. Wait 30 seconds for the router to fully reset.

  5. Unplug the power cable from the back of the router for just a few seconds and then reattach it.

  6. Wait another 30 seconds for the WRT160N to power back on and finish starting up.

  7. Now that the router has been reset, you can login at the address using the admin password.

  8. Remember to change the router password to something more secure now that it's been restored to admin. You can store it in a free password manager to make sure you don't ever lose it.

At this point, after having reset the WRT160N router, you have to reenter any customizations that you had before the reset. For example, wireless network settings like the SSID and password will have to be re-entered, as will any custom DNS servers, etc.

Help! I Can’t Access My WRT160N Router!

You should be able to access the WRT160N router at the address If you can't, it just means the IP address was changed at some point but you've forgotten what the new one is.

Unlike how you have to reset the router if you forget the password, you just have to do a little bit of digging to figure out the WRT160N IP address. What you need to do is find the default gateway of a computer that's connected to the router. It's that default gateway IP address that's the one you need to use as the URL to access the router.

See our guide for How to Find Your Default Gateway IP Address if you need doing this in Windows.

Linksys WRT160N Manual & Firmware Links

All the support resources Linksys has on the WRT160N router can be found on the Linksys WRT160N Wireless-N Broadband Router Support page.

The user manual for the WRT160N can be downloaded here. That is a direct link to the PDF file for the manual, so you need a PDF reader in order to open it.

The other downloads Linksys offers from this router can be found on the Linksys WRT160N Downloads page.

On the download page are three separate sections for each hardware version of this router. Make sure you're looking at the right section for the hardware version of your router so that you download the right software.