Linksys WRT120N Default Password

WRT120N default password, default login, and support information

What to Know

  • The WRT120N default password is admin, and the default username is blank (don't type anything).
  • The default IP address is
  • You can reset the router to restore these default login details.

This article explains what the default login details are for the WRT120N router from Linksys. It also describes how to reset the router if the default password doesn't work.

Linksys WRT120N Router Default Login Information

Like most Linksys routers, the Linksys WRT120N default password is admin, and it's case-sensitive. Although some routers require a default username that must be entered along with the password, this one's username field can be left blank; only the password is required.

Information in this article applies specifically to the Linksys WRT120N router. See the Linksys Default Password List for information on other routers.

Linksys WRT120N router


What Is the WRT120N Default Gateway?

The default gateway is the IP address that devices connected to the network use to access the router and the internet. The default IP address for the WRT120N router is You can enter this as a URL in a web browser to open the router settings.

You can find the default gateway IP address of any device in the Windows network settings.

Why Is the WRT120N Default Password Not Working?

While the default password for the WRT120N works with the router out of the box, this default information can be changed from the router settings, which may be why you can't access the router. If you can’t log in to the Linksys WRT120N with the default credentials, reset the router to reapply the default settings and reinstate the default password.

How to Reset the WRT120N Password

Resetting the WRT120N router is pretty straightforward:

  1. Turn it around so you can see the plugged-in cables and the red Reset button.

  2. Use a paperclip or pin to press the Reset button for approximately 5 seconds.

  3. Remove the power cable from the back for a few seconds, then plug it back in.

  4. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the router to power on fully, then make sure the network cable coming from the computer is still attached at the back of the router.

  5. Enter the router's default IP address ( into a web browser and log in with the default password (admin).

  6. Change the router’s default password to something more complex. Follow best practices for creating a strong password.

Resetting a router removes all the custom settings that were configured. Therefore, settings such as the SSID, network passwords, port forwarding rules, and guest network configurations will need to be re-entered.

If you just need to restore the default settings and find your password, log in to the setup page and go to Administration > Factory Defaults.

How to Back Up the WRT120N Router Settings

After setting up the router with your custom preferences, make a backup so that you can restore the configurations if the router is reset again in the future.

To do this, open the router settings and go to Administration > Management, then select Backup Configurations. A file will be generated, which you can upload by selecting Restore Configurations on the same page to restore your settings at any time.

Linksys WRT120N Manual & Firmware Links

Linksys no longer hosts a support page with a user manual and everything else you need to know about the router, like setup and installation directions.

However, there is an archive of the Linksys WRT120N Support page that still includes this information, and here's a direct link to the WRT120N manual (this one is still on Linksys' website).

Linksys WRT120N Support page

You can download the most recent firmware update through the Linksys WRT120N Downloads page (that's also an archived page). There's only one hardware version for this particular router, so there’s only one firmware download link available.

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