Linksys E4200 Default Password

Here's how to get in if you've forgotten it

The default password for the Linksys E4200 router is admin; this password is case sensitive. The E4200 doesn't have a default username. There is, however, a default IP address:—this is how you connect to the router to log in.

The Linksys E4200v2 is sold and marketed as a different router than the E4200, and is an upgraded version of the same device. The default password is the same for both routers, but v2 has a username of admin.

When the E4200 Default Password Doesn't Work

If the default admin password doesn't work, the password may have been changed to something more secure. If you don't know the new password, a reset will bring the router back to its factory default settings so that the default password works.

Linksys E4200 router
Linksys E4200 Router.

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Here's how to reset the E4200 router:

  1. Plug in the router and turn on the power. Look for a light on the router that indicates the power is on. It may be near the network cable or on the front of the device.

  2. Flip the router over so that you have access to the bottom.

  3. With something small and pointed (like a paperclip), press and hold the Reset button for 5 to 10 seconds. Release the Reset button when the port lights flash at the same time. The Ethernet port lights are on the back of the router.

  4. Wait at least 30 seconds for the device to reset, then unplug the power cable for a few seconds.

  5. Plug the power cable back in and wait at least 30 seconds for the router to boot up fully.

  6. When the E4200 is reset, access the router at with the default username and password.

Change the router's default password to something secure and difficult to remember. A password manager will help you retrieve it if you need to reset the router again.

Resetting the E4200 resets the username and password and also any custom settings you configured. For example, if you set up a wireless network before you reset the router, re-enter that information, including the SSID and wireless password.

Back up custom settings to a file and use this file to restore them at once if you need to reset the router in the future. It's done through the Administration > Management menu of the router. You'll find screenshots to use for reference on page 61 of the user manual, which is linked at the bottom of this page.

When You Can't Access the E4200 Router

If no changes have been made to the IP address of the E4200, you should be able to access the router at the default address ( If it has been changed, however, you don't need to reset the router or do anything drastic to see what its current IP address is.

Instead, find what the default gateway is set up as on a computer that's connected to the router. This IP address is the same as the router's address. In Windows, find your default gateway IP address. In macOS, open System Preferences > Network > TCP/IP.

screenshot Router address in macOS Network System Preferences

Linksys E4200 Firmware and Manual Links

Linksys provides all the details of this router on the Linksys E4200 Support page on the Linksys website. If you're looking for firmware or Linksys Connect Setup software downloads, visit the official Linksys E4200 Downloads page.

Download the correct firmware for the E4200 router. On the download page is a section for Hardware version 1.0 and Hardware version 2.0.

The entire E4200 user manual applies to both the E4200 and E4200v2 routers. This is a PDF file, so you'll need a PDF reader to open it.

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