Linksys Default Password List

Updated list of Linksys default usernames, passwords, and IP addresses

Most Linksys brand routers have a default password of admin and a default IP address of, but some differ, as you can see in the table below.

Linksys Router and default password list
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More help is below the table if you don't see your Linksys model below, the listed default password won't work, or you have another question.

Linksys Default Passwords (Valid May 2023)

Linksys Model Default Username Default Password Default IP Address
BEFCMUH4 [none] admin
BEFDSR41W admin admin
BEFN2PS4 [none] admin
BEFSR11 [none] admin
BEFSR41 [none] admin
BEFSR41W [none] admin
BEFSR81 [none] admin
BEFSRU31 [none] admin
BEFSX41 [none] admin
BEFVP41 [none] admin
BEFW11P1 [none] [none]
BEFW11S4 [none] admin
CG7500 [none] admin
E1000 [none] admin
E1200 admin admin
E1500 [none] admin
E1550 [none] admin
E1700 [none] admin
E2000 admin admin
E2100L admin admin
E2500 [none] admin
E3000 admin admin
E3200 admin admin
E4200 [none]1 admin
E4200 admin1 admin
E5600 [none] admin
E7350 [none] admin
E800 [none] admin
E8350 [none] admin
E8400 admin admin
E8450 [none] admin
E900 [none] admin
EA2700 admin admin
EA2750 [none] admin
EA3500 admin admin
EA4500 admin admin
EA5800 [none] admin
EA6100 admin admin
EA6200 admin admin
EA6350 [none] admin
EA6400 admin admin
EA6500 admin admin
EA6900 admin admin
EA7200 admin admin
EA7300 admin admin
EA7430 [none] admin
EA74502 [none] [none] [none]
EA7500 admin admin
EA8100 [none] [none]
EA8250 [none] [none]
EA8300 [none] admin
EA8500 admin admin
EA9200 admin admin
EA9300 [none] admin
EA9500 [none] admin
MR20EC [none] admin
MR55003 [user chosen] [user chosen] [none]
MR7350 [user chosen] [user chosen]
MR75WH3 [user chosen] [user chosen] [none]
MR75003 [user chosen] [user chosen] [none]
MR83003 [user chosen] [user chosen]
MR90003 [user chosen] [user chosen]
MR9600 [user chosen] [user chosen]
MX4200 [user chosen] admin
MX12600 [user chosen] admin
WAG120N admin admin
WAG160N admin admin
WAG310G admin admin
WAG320N admin admin
WAG354G admin admin
WAG54G admin admin
WAG54GP2 admin admin
WAG54GS admin admin
WCG200 [none] admin
WHW03012 [none] [none] [none]
WHW03022 [none] [none] [none]
WHW03032 [none] [none] [none]
WRH54G [none] admin
WRK54G [none] admin
WRT100 [none] admin
WRT110 [none] admin
WRT120N [none] admin
WRT1200AC admin admin
WRT150N [none] admin
WRT160N [none] admin
WRT160N-HP [none] admin
WRT160NL [none] admin
WRT1900AC admin admin
WRT1900ACS admin admin
WRT300N [none] admin
WRT310N [none] admin
WRT3200 admin admin
WRT3200ACM [none] admin
WRT320N [none] admin
WRT32X [none] admin
WRT330N [none] admin
WRT350N [none] admin
WRT400N [none] admin
WRT51AB [none] admin
WRT54AG [none] admin
WRT54G [none] admin
WRT54G2 [none] admin
WRT54G3G-AT [none] admin
WRT54G3G-AU [none] admin
WRT54G3G-EU [none] admin
WRT54G3G-ST [none] admin
WRT54G3G-UK [none] admin
WRT54G3GV2-ST admin admin
WRT54G3G-VN [none] admin
WRT54GC [none] admin
WRT54GH [none] admin
WRT54GL [none] admin
WRT54GP2 admin admin
WRT54GP2A-AT [none] admin
WRT54GR [none] admin
WRT54G-RG [none] admin
WRT54GS [none] admin
WRT54GS2 [none] admin
WRT54G-TM [none] admin
WRT54GX [none] admin
WRT54GX2 [none] admin
WRT54GX4 [none] admin
WRT55AG [none] admin
WRT600N [none] admin
WRT610N [none] admin
WRTP54G admin admin
WRTSL54GS [none] admin
WRTU54G-TM [none] admin
WTR54GS [none] admin

[1] The Linksys E4200 router comes in two hardware versions, v1 and v2. Version 1 does not require a username, while Version 2 requires admin as the username.

[2] The router is controlled from the Linksys app, so you don't need to know the IP address or the router's username or password.

[3] To access the router from a web browser, first set it up using the Linksys app, which is where you create a username and password for the router.

What to Do When the Linksys Default Data Above Doesn't Work

You only have one choice when your Linksys device's default password or default username has been changed and you don't know what these are: reset the device to factory defaults.

For most devices, perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the Reset button for at least 10 seconds (30 seconds on older models) and then unplugging and plugging back in the device.

If that doesn't work, check the router or other device's manual to find advice for that Linksys model. You can find your device's manual in PDF format from Linksys Support.

A factory reset also returns the IP address that's configured for the Linksys device back to, or whatever the default may be, but doing so could cause problems.

If you only need your Linksys router's IP address, it's almost always the same as the default gateway that's configured for your computers and other devices that connect to it.

If you have more questions about Linksys default passwords, need more help, or have questions about default passwords in general, check out the Default Passwords FAQ.

Don't Forget to Change the Default Linksys Password

There's a default router password for one reason: to get into your router after you purchase it. This easy-to-guess and easy-to-find password should not stick around throughout the life of your router.

Change your router's default password once you're logged in to make your network more secure.

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