What to Do When LinkedIn Is Not Working

Try these LinkedIn troubleshooting tips

When LinkedIn isn't working properly, you might be left wondering if it's LinkedIn or if it's you. The answer isn't always clear, which is why you might need to do some detective work and try a variety of different solutions.

If the problem is with LinkedIn, all you can really do is sit back and wait for it to be resolved. But if the problem has something to do with your account, your app, your machine or your device, there are a few things you can do to try to get it working again.

Check Reputable Sources to Find Out If LinkedIn Is Experiencing Problems

Before assuming that the problem is with you, you need to confirm that it's not occurring on LinkedIn's end and therefore affecting a large number of users. There are two ways to confirm this:

Check for Updates From @LinkedInHelp on Twitter

LinkedIn has an official (verified) customer support account @LinkedInHelp on Twitter that aims to answer as many users who tweet to it regarding their experiences with LinkedIn. If there's a higher than a usual number of tweets concerning LinkedIn being down or not working, a tweet might be posted to notify users that the problem is being addressed.

A screenshot of Twitter.com.

Don't see an update from @LinkedInHelp addressing reported problems with the service? Try tweeting to the account with your issue. You might get a direct reply.

Check LinkedIn's Service Status on Down Detector

Down Detector is a popular status overview site for popular web services and social networks. It collects status reports from a variety of sources to provide real-time updates about outages and service interruptions.

Simply navigate to DownDetector.com/Status/LinkedIn to see its current status. If nothing is wrong, you'll see a green bar labeled No problems at LinkedIn. If there's an outage or interruption, you'll see a red bar labeled Problems at LinkedIn.

A screenshot of DownDetector.com.

Search LinkedIn's Help Center

If you ruled out the possibility of a widespread LinkedIn outage or interruption using the techniques suggested above, then it might be safe to assume that the problem could be occurring only on your end. To find a possible solution, you can take advantage of the troubleshooting resources from the LinkedIn Help Center.

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Enter a keyword or phrase into the search field and select the magnifying glass icon to search for troubleshooting articles that are relevant to the problem you're experiencing. Here are just a few Help Center articles that cover specific problems frequently experienced on the user's end:

Try LinkedIn's Basic Troubleshooting Tips for LinkedIn.com

If you couldn't find anything in the Help Center, LinkedIn recommends some general troubleshooting tips. For problems with LinkedIn.com, try the following:

Sign out and Back Into Your Account

Select Me from the main menu, then select Sign Out at the bottom of the dropdown list. Once signed out, sign back into your account again to see if the problem is still there.

Clear Your Web Browser's Cache and Cookies

Sign out of your account, then clear your web browser's cache and cookies to wipe the data from it and prepare to load everything up again from scratch. Here's how to clear every major browser's cache, in case you've never done it before. Once you've done that, sign back into your LinkedIn account and check if the problem is persisting.

Do a Test in a Different Web Browser

Open or download another major web browser that you're not currently using and navigate to LinkedIn.com to sign in to your account. For example, if you're using Chrome, try it in Safari or Firefox. Check to see if the problem you're experiencing in your primary browser is occurring in your secondary browser too.

If the problem isn't occurring in your secondary browser, consider updating your primary browser. If you're already using the latest version of your browser, you can try checking and disabling its pop-up blocker, which might be interfering with certain features on LinkedIn.

Try Troubleshooting the LinkedIn App or Your Mobile Device

If it's the LinkedIn mobile app that you're experiencing trouble with (as opposed to LinkedIn.com) and you couldn't find anything in the Help Center about it, you might want to try these basic mobile device troubleshooting tips:

  • Quit the LinkedIn app on your Android or iOS device and then reopen it
  • Update the LinkedIn app on your Android or iOS device
  • Turn your device off and back on again
  • Update your Android OS or iOS version
  • Delete the LinkedIn app from your iOS device or from your Android, then search for it again in the App Store/Google Play to re-download and reinstall it

Search LinkedIn Help Forum Discussions or Start a New Discussion

LinkedIn has a Help Forum for users who need help or advice using LinkedIn. Users who post topics may be answered directly by a support member (moderator).

A screenshot of LinkedIn.com.

You can use the search field at the top to search for a keyword or phrase to see if a discussion topic about your problem has already been posted in the forums. If you can't find any existing discussions about your problem, you can select Start a New Forum discussion to post a new one yourself. You could get an answer from support or another user in as little as under an hour if you're lucky.

Contact LinkedIn About Your Problem

If you tried all of the most relevant troubleshooting tips explained above for your specific problem with LinkedIn and still couldn't resolve it, you can use LinkedIn's Contact Us form as a last resort to get in touch directly with a LinkedIn representative. Keep in mind that they might need to access your account to troubleshoot the problem.

It's not clear when you might hear back from a representative, but you can visit LinkedIn.com/Help/LinkedIn/Cases to view your open cases and their statuses.

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