LinkedIn Ending Stories Feature to Focus on Short-Form Video

Stories goes away on September 30

The social media site, LinkedIn, announced it is getting rid of its Stories feature on September 30.

The announcement was made by the website’s Marketing Solutions team, which also stated that LinkedIn would continue to work on implementing some kind of short-form video to its service.

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LinkedIn also is warning advertisers that any ads planned to run between Stories will instead be placed to their feed, and any sponsored content should be remade in Campaign Manager.

Stories launched last September as a part of a redesign that added integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams to help professionals stay connected as they worked remotely over the past 18 months.

Many social media sites like TikTok and Instagram have implemented short-form and even temporary videos. Twitter, for example, rolled out Fleets to its users before completely doing away with the feature in August.

Getting rid of Stories may have been the right move despite its short life span.

According to Liz Li, the senior director of product at LinkedIn, Stories didn’t do very well. Li says users want videos that last and tell stories about their “personality and expertise.”

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Users want better editing tools to enhance their videos in a more professional context across the site.

LinkedIn has yet to say whether it will implement features that support long-form videos or what format the short-form video will take. However, the platform is taking feedback from users to gauge which direction to take.

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