How to Link Your Blog or Website to YouTube

Add links to your blog or website in your YouTube banner and videos

You've created your YouTube channel, and now you want to add links to your website and/or blog. Through YouTube Studio, you can customize your YouTube channel with up to five links in the banner.

Plus, if you're a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you can insert clickable links directly into your YouTube videos with YouTube cards.

How to Add Website Links to Your YouTube Channel

As long as you have a YouTube channel, you can add links to your blog, website, social media—or anywhere you deem necessary—in your YouTube banner.

  1. Log into YouTube Studio.

  2. Select Customization in the left vertical navigation pane.

    YouTube - Customization in left vertical navigation pane
  3. Under Channel customization, select Basic info.

    YouTube - Channel customization - Basic info
  4. Under Links, select Add Link.

    YouTube Studio - Add Link highlighted
  5. Enter the name of your blog or website in the Link title field. Enter the website address in the URL field.

    YouTube Studio - Enter link title and URL

    You can insert any text into the Link title field. Whatever you type here will display in the banner of your YouTube channel. So, for example, if you want to show your company's website address (, type in the Link title field instead of Company ABC.

  6. In the Links on banner > Links drop-down menu, select First link if you want the corresponding link to display as the first or only link in your banner. If this is not the first link in your banner, choose the appropriately numbered link selection.

    YouTube Studio - up to 5 links in banner
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to add more links to the banner.

  8. Select Publish in the upper-right corner.

    YouTube Studio - Publish channel customizations
  9. At the bottom of the screen, select Go to Channel to see your links in the YouTube banner.

    YouTube Studios - Go to channel

Use YouTube Cards to Add a Link to Your Website in YouTube Videos

YouTube cards are the interactive links in YouTube videos. With cards, you can share clickable content at any point in your videos.

YouTube cards aren't accessible to everyone with a YouTube channel. To add cards to your videos, you must be a YouTube Partner with at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

How to Add Link Cards to YouTube Videos

To add your associated website to a link card in a YouTube video:

  1. Log into YouTube Studio.

  2. Select Videos in the left vertical navigation pane.

    YouTube Studio - select Videos
  3. Select the video to add the card to.

    YouTube Studio - select video to add card to
  4. Hover over text to the right of the video you selected, and choose the pencil icon.

    YouTube Studio - select pencil icon
  5. Enter the Details for the video, and click Next.

    YouTube Studio - Enter video details
  6. Under Cards, select Link.

    Adding link card
  7. Below the video, in the Start Time field, enter the time in the video that you want to start the card.

  8. Enter the Message and Teaser content in the corresponding fields. This information is required.

  9. Select Save.

Add YouTube Video Links to Websites or Blogs

One way to add a YouTube video to a blog or website is by copying and pasting the YouTube HTML code into the site:

  1. Go to the YouTube video you want to embed.

  2. Under the video, select Share.

    YouTube - Share video
  3. Select the Embed icon in the pop-up box.

    YouTube - copying embed code
  4. Click anywhere within the HTML code to select all of the code. After the code is highlighted, click Copy.

    YouTube - copying embed code
  5. Go to your website, and press Control + V to paste the HTML code into your website's HTML.

    Web hosts offer varying ways to embed and upload videos to websites. Consult your web host's Help files for specific instructions.

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