How Do You Link to a Specific Part of a YouTube Video?

Jump to a specific place in a YouTube video with a time stamp

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Once you have uploaded a video to YouTube, you might want to create a link to a specific point in the video, you add a time stamp to the end of the URL. This can be done manually or automatically. 

Add a Time Stamp to a YouTube URL Manually

Locate the URL of the video you want to add a time link to in a browser. This is the URL that shows at the top of the browser when you view the video on YouTube, not the sharing URL you see when you press the Sharing button.

The format you use to specify a start time in a YouTube video is &t=1m30s. The first part &t= identifies this as a time stamp. The second part is minutes and seconds, so 1m30s is 1 minute and 30 seconds into the video.

When you want to link to a specific place in a YouTube video, instead of asking people to scroll forward, you can instead link directly to the desired location in the video. For example, this URL and time stamp starts at 3 minutes and 11 seconds into the video, skipping any advertisements that preceded the video and the first 3 minutes 10 seconds of the video. This time stamp works on computer and mobile device browsers.

Note: Use whole numbers with no initial zeros in the time stamp – 3m, not 03.

Add a Time Stamp Using YouTube's Share Feature

You can also add a time stamp using YouTube's sharing options.

  1. Go to YouTube in your browser.
  2. Open the video you want to share and play it or scrub through until you reach the exact time you want to use in the time stamp. Stop the video.
  1. Click the Share link to open an expanded area that contains sharing options.
  2. Click the tab labeled Share if it isn't already selected.
  3. Under the URL in the Share section, click the small box in front of Start at to place a check mark in it to automatically add the time stamp to the Share URL. By default, the time added is the time where you stopped the video. If you prefer a different time, enter it in the box that follows Start at instead.
  1. Click out of the field to update the URL time stamp if you changed it. It appears in the form &t=3m11s at the end of the URL. Copy the new URL with the time stamp in the Share section.

Sometimes the new URL in the Share field uses a question mark instead of an ampersand to begin the time stamp. It converts automatically to the ampersand when you paste it into the browser field.

Note: If the start time is only seconds into the video, the format is &t=45s with no minute information. 

If You Are the Video Owner

If you own the video in question – you have the rights and it is hosted on your YouTube channel – you have the option of editing the video inside YouTube and presenting a version that only shows the parts you want to see. You can use YouTube's built-in editing tools to crop the video to exactly the portion you want to show.