How to Add to Your Safari Reading List from OS X Mail

Reading is fun. ©1Q78; CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license

There are more links in a day's mail than tabs you'd like to see open in Safari, aren't there? You don't have to open all the pages at once, of course. You can come back to the emails time and again; or you add the links to Safari's smart and syncing Reading List bookmarks.

For links that appear in written out in emails, this is particularly easy with Mac OS X Mail.

Add a Link to Your Safari Reading List from OS X Mail

To append to your Reading List for later—offline, perhaps—reading in Safari on OS X and iOS:

  • Position the mouse cursor over the link you want to add to your Reading List.
  • Click the downward-pointed arrow () that appears at its end.
  • Click Add to Reading List in the sheet that comes up.

As an alternative, you can also use a link's context menu:

  • Click on the link you wish to add to your Reading List with the right mouse button.
    • You can also click with the left—or the sole—mouse button while holding down the Control key.
  • Select Services | Add to Reading List from the menu that has appeared.

Add a Link to Your Safari Reading List from Mac OS X Mail 5

To save a link from an email for later reading in your Safari and iOS reading list from Mac OS X Mail 5:

  • Click on the URL you want to save with the right mouse button or tap on it with two fingers.
  • Select Add to Reading List from the menu that comes up.

Note that this only works with links that appear with their address spelled out. Links behind other text and images, for example, will not show the Add to Reading List menu item (and I haven't found an easy solution using Automator or AppleScript so far).

You can always drag and drop any link to an open Reading List in Safari from Mac OS X Mail 5, of course.