How to Link Roomba to Google Home

Control your smart vacuum with Google Assistant

What to Know

  • Hands-down easiest option: Make sure your Roomba is connected to Wi-Fi and click Get Started in the iRobot Home App.
  • Alternative option: Link Google Home and the Roomba in the Google Home App.

This article explains how to connect a Roomba to Google Home and how to control your Roomba vacuum using your Google Home smart speaker.

Can You Connect a Roomba to Google Home? 

You absolutely can connect a Roomba to a Google Home smart speaker (including Google Nest Hub, Nest Audio speakers, and Nest Mini). You'll need to have your smart speaker connected, and the iRobot Home or Google Home app installed on your phone.

  1. Open the Google Home app first.

  2. Click the plus sign in the top left corner.

  3. Next, click Set up device.

    Steps to add a new device to Google Home on Android with the Home app icon, plus sign, and "Set up device" highlighted
  4. On the new screen, you'll see two options: New Device and Works with Google. Click Works with Google.

  5. Next, click the magnifying glass in the top right of the screen.

  6. Search for iRobot and click the iRobot Smart Home app.

    Adding iRobot device to Google Home app on Android with "Works with Google," maginfying glass, and "iRobot Smart Home" highlighted
  7. A login page for your iRobot account will open up.

  8. Enter your information and log in.

    iRobot account page with login data and logging in message highlighted
  9. Click Agree & Link to finish connecting your iRobot account to your Google account.

  10. The app will present you with any compatible iRobot vacuums in the home.

    iRobot account linking screen with "Agree and Link" and two available Robot vacuums highlighted

How Do I Control Roomba With Google home? 

Once the Roomba is connected through Google Home, you can use voice commands. There are four main commands you’ll tell Google to start the Roomba.

  • Start: Hey Google, start vacuuming.
  • Send back to the charging station: Hey Google, dock (Robot Name)
  • Clean by room: Hey Google, clean the kitchen.
  • Clean by object/zone: Google, vacuum the couch.

Cleaning by an object or the zone would be the predefined zones (i.e.. Kitchen) you set up in the iRobot Home App. You can say, "Hey Google, vacuum the kid's bedroom," and the app will send the Roomba to the specific location.

If the Roomba gets lost in the house during a cleaning cycle, you can say, "Hey Google, dock Cam's Vacuum" (my Roomba nickname). And the vacuum will return to its docking station from anywhere in the home.

For a specific job, you can say, "Hey Google, clean the living room and the kitchen." This command will dispatch the Roomba from the docking station. 

The Roomba is controlled through your voice commands using the Google Home App. As long as you have a Google Home device, you control the Roomba through voice command.

Which Roomba Works With Google Home? 

The Roomba 690, 890, 960, and 980 are all smart home-connected and do work. These vacuums are programmed out of the box to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Roomba 614 does not work with smart home devices.

Does Roomba 960 Work With Google Home?

Yes, the Roomba 960 is designed specifically for smart homes. Connecting the 960 to Google Home is a simple process using the iRobot Home App. Only the lowest-end 614 model is not Google Smart Home compatible. The 960 and the other related Roomba models are all designed to work with Google Home.

For any Roomba to work with your Google Home device, you will need the iRobot Home App. It's a crucial component of getting the Roomba connected to your smart home device. The Roomba also requires a stable Wi-Fi connection throughout the home to ensure steady connectivity.

  • How do I troubleshoot problems connecting Roomba to Google Home?

    If you're having trouble linking your Roomba to Google Home, make sure you're using the latest version of the iRobot Home app and that you've created and logged in to your iRobot account. Another tip is to make sure you've disabled any pop-up blockers on your phone.

  • How do you reset a Roomba?

    If your Roomba model has a Clean button, press and hold it for 20 seconds to reset the device. If your Roomba has Dock and Spot buttons, press and hold Home + Spot Clean for 10 seconds. For some issues, you also may need to force close the iRobot Home app.

  • How do you connect Roomba to Alexa?

    To connect a Roomba to Alexa, open the iRobot Home app and go to Settings > Smart Home > Works With Alexa > Link Account. You'll be transferred to the Alexa app to sign in, then back to the iRobot app, where it'll notify you that Alexa has detected your Roomba.

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