Lindsay Martell

A portrait of Lindsay Martell.


University of San Francisco


Electric vehicles

Celebrity car culture



After producing television news for years—much of it centered on national and international car shows—Lindsay transitioned to freelance writing, where she quickly gravitated toward automotive technology.


Lindsay has written about everything from the intersection of pop culture and cars for, the ins and outs of financing for LendingTree, and a variety of top lists for, among others.

Lindsay has written for such outlets as Yahoo!, AutoTrader, AutoGravity, Lending Tree, CarMax


Lindsay graduated from University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

A Message from Lindsay Martell

My family will be in the market for an EV when our trusty 2013 Honda Accord passes into the next automotive world. We have our eye on a Chevy Bolt, I like its crossover looks, utility, and spaciousness. Plus, it’s got a stellar, futuristic vibe. I currently drive a lovely Toyota RAV4, there will always be a special place in my heart for my grandmother’s late 60’s blush-silver Corvair.

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