How to Like a Text Message in Android

Tap and hold the message is the place to start

What to Know

  • Like/react: Tap and hold the text and then select an emoji.
  • Change a reaction: Tap and hold the text you reacted to and select a new reaction.
  • Delete a reaction: Tap and hold the text and tap the reaction to remove it.

This article will walk you through how to like or just react to any text message you receive on Android. This feature requires RCS, or Rich Communication Services, to be turned on; not all Android phones are compatible with RCS.

How Do I Like a Text Message on My Smartphone?

Liking a text message is a great way to let someone know you got their message, read their message, and approve of this message, all without having to type a whole message back. Here's how to like or react to text messages on your smartphone.

  1. Tap and hold the text message.

  2. The emojis will come up for you to choose from. Select the emoji you want to use to react by tapping it.

  3. To delete a reaction, you can tap and hold the text with one and then tap the same reaction.

Change a Reaction on a Text Message on Android

If you decide at some point you want to change a reaction you have previously put on a text, you can do this as well in just a couple steps. Tap and hold the text message with the reaction you want to change, and you can then tap a different reaction emoji to change the current one.

This is a good trick to remember in case you accidentally react when you didn't mean to or you've picked the wrong reaction. This way you don't risk sending reactions that could be misinterpreted, which is easy to do over text especially when mistakes are made.

Can You Like a Text Message on Android?

Yes, Apple users aren't the only ones who can like or otherwise react to messages. In fact, Android users have a leg up because Android lets you choose from any emoji in a text message reaction. However, not all Android phones can use this feature.

  • How do I retrieve deleted text messages in Android?

    It's harder to recover deleted text messages on Android than it is on iPhone, but it isn't impossible, especially if you make regular backups. Try going to Settings > Google Backup to try to restore to a backup from before you deleted the texts. You can also use a third-party app, but be sure it comes from a trustworthy source.

  • How do I block text messages in Android?

    To block texts in Google Messages, tap and hold the conversation, and then select the icon shaped like a circle with a line through it. In some versions of Android, you can also open the conversation, select the More (three vertical dots) icon, and then choose Block Number.

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