Liebert PSA1500MT3-120U Review

Easy to Use is the Takeaway from the PSA1500MT3-120U

Picture of the Liebert PSA1000MT3-120U UPS
Liebert PSA1000MT3-120U UPS. © Liebert Corporation

The Liebert PSA1500MT3-120U UPS is a perfect choice for any high-end computer system, especially if you're not a computer junkie.

It might sound silly to some of you, but the standout feature of the PSA1500MT3-120U is the included, two page, easy to understand Quick-Start Guide. I've found no other UPS setup guide so easy to follow.

If you have a power hungry computer but no desire for a complicated UPS then I think you'll really like the Liebert PSA1500MT3-120U battery backup.

Pros & Cons

If easy is important, you'll love this one:


  • 6 battery backup outlets and 2 surge-only outlets
  • Included quick start guide very easy to understand
  • Batteries are user replaceable (and it's easy)
  • Ready out of box - no battery connecting required
  • Surge-only outlets are clearly labeled


  • No LCD display

More About the PSA1500MT3-120U Battery Backup

  • Features 6 battery-connected outlets and 2 that provide surge protection only.
  • Maximum capacity on the PSA1500MT3-120U is 900 Watts / 1500VA
  • Average battery charge time is around 7 hours.
  • The batteries in the PSA1500MT3-120U are already connected so setup is really easy.
  • The included Quick-Start Guide tells you everything you need to know with very little tech-speak.
  • A USB cable is included with the PSA1500MT3-120U UPS.
  • This UPS weighs under 30 lbs, about average compared to other battery backup devices in this class.
  • MultiLink Automated Shutdown software is available as a free download from Liebert's website.

My Thoughts on the Liebert PSA1500MT3-120U

Liebert's PSA1500MT3-120U UPS is an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a 1500VA battery backup. The PSA1500MT3-120U would make a perfect battery backup for any high-performance computer that requires a lot of power - like a media or gaming PC.

Compared to the competition, the most notable feature of the PSA1500MT3-120U is the very easy to understand Quick-Start Guide. No, I'm not kidding. Don't underestimate the importance of clear instructions, especially if you're new to a technology.

It's only two pages long but it's clearly laid out, full of well-drawn diagrams, written in plain English, and, believe it or not, the text isn't too small to read. I've seen other UPS setup guides that were so horribly written and physically hard to read that I would never recommend them to someone not already familiar with battery backups.

The Quick-Start Guide in the PSA1500MT3-120U is especially impressive when you consider that Liebert's power protection business is primarily aimed at large businesses. I love the fact that a company with this much experience was able to design a very user-friendly UPS alongside their other offerings.

Don't let my gushing over a simple slip of paper lead you to believe that it's the only great thing about the PSA1500MT3-120U. This battery backup is powerful enough to use on a business workstation or even a small server. With six battery connected outlets, a resettable breaker, cold start ability, and a whopping six minutes of runtime at full load, this is a serious UPS that competes with more complicated (and more expensive) battery backups.

Another simple but important feature in the PSA1500MT3-120U that I don't often see in other UPS systems is the clear differentiation between the outlets - the surge-only outlets are colored white, while the battery connected ones are black. It's almost like some other UPS systems are hiding the fact that not all outlets provide backup power. This is yet another minor but very smart idea. It's obvious that Liebert put some thought into designing the PSA1500MT3-120U.

I have a power-hungry PC with two LCD monitors and various other components. With a full charge, my computer system was using around 25% of the maximum output on the PSA1500MT3-120U. That translates to around 30 minutes of runtime during a power outage assuming I'm using my computer as I normally do.

The only thing that fell short with the Liebert's PSA1500MT3-120U was the lack of an LCD display. By no means is an LCD display necessary for a UPS to function just as well or better than another one, but it's something that most 1500VA UPS systems from other manufacturers include. If you've never had a battery backup with an LCD then you won't miss it. There are, however, four LEDs that communicate all the necessary information.

You won't be sorry choosing Liebert's PSA1500MT3-120U for your high-performance computer, especially if you're after a simple solution but don't want to sacrifice features.