LicenseCrawler v2.1

A full review of LicenseCrawler, a free key finder tool

LicenseCrawler v1.52 in Windows 8

LicenseCrawler is a free key finder program that I've found to be very good.

LicenseCrawler is simple to use but very impressive with the variety of serial numbers and product keys it finds.

If you're getting ready to reinstall a major application but can't locate its product key or serial number, LicenseCrawler will likely be able to help. It found the serial number to nearly every important program I had installed on my computer.

This review is of LicenseCrawler v2.1, released on September 2, 2019. Please let me know if there's a newer version I need to review.

Please read our Key Finder Programs FAQ for more information on key finder programs in general.

More About LicenseCrawler

Here are some more details on LicenseCrawler, including what major operating system and software programs it finds product keys and serial numbers for:

Finds Keys for Operating Systems: Windows 10Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 2000

Finds Keys for Other Software: Microsoft Office version 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003; most Adobe products; and many more


  • No installation necessary (it's portable)
  • Very easy interface
  • Quickly scans the registry for serial numbers and product keys
  • Supports scanning a remote computer
  • Can easily copy the keys it finds
  • Able to export all the keys to a TXT file


  • Results are cluttered with registry details and other non-product key information

My Thoughts on LicenseCrawler

I was very impressed with LicenseCrawler. When I first took a look at the program, it looked simplistic and I wasn't expecting much.

First impressions are sometimes wrong.

Not only did LicenseCrawler find my Windows 10 & 8 product key easily, it also found the serial numbers for several programs that no other key finder program I've used had ever found.

Aside from how effective LicenseCrawler is at finding serial numbers and product keys, I really liked the simple results window. It's a little crowded with some generally useless registry information but I liked how easy it was to scroll through the results to find what I was looking for.

Several programs were found that didn't make a lot of sense — like Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player (neither program requires a serial number since they're both free and included in Windows) — but that's also a testament to the unique scanning ability of LicenseCrawler. The program should be able to locate a seriously impressive list of programs.

If you've had problems locating a program's serial number or product key with another key finder program then I highly recommend trying LicenseCrawler.

The full version of LicenseCrawler is $11 USD and supports blacklist and whitelist filters, and will disable the commercial pop-up list. To use the software in a commercial setting, you have to buy a company license.

Didn't find what you were looking for with LicenseCrawler?

Try another free key finder program or maybe even a premium key finder tool. Another key finder might be able to find the serial number or product key for your specific program.