Best LibreOffice Extensions for Teachers, Students, and Education

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LibreOffice is a free alternative to more expensive office software suites such as Microsoft Office, which many educational systems have adopted.

Here are some free tools known as extensions which can make LibreOffice programs like Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, and Base more customized for teachers and students.  

Extensions are like adding tools to your toolbox. Once installed, they are available for use in future documents you create with that program. In that way, extensions are similar to what other communities call add-ins, plug-ins, or apps.

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WorksheetMaker Extension or Add-in for LibreOffice Writer

WorksheetMaker Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Depending on how you teach, this WorksheetMaker Extension for LibreOffice Writer may be a resource for your curriculum or classroom. This tool allows you to create a sheet with solutions, then hide or show the solutions so you can more easily create a key for your worksheet, for example.

You can use these as printable or digital resources.

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MuseScore Example Manager or Add-in for LibreOffice Writer

MuseScore Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Music teachers or students may find it useful to bring in the MuseScore Example Manager for LibreOffice Writer, which allows you to create snazzy musical notation, courtesy of

Note these requirements from the download site: "You must first install both MuseScore and either GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick (to automatically trim excess whitespace from examples). All of these programs are supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. In order to use the ABC features, you must install abc2xml and xml2abc."

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TexMaths Extension or Add-in for LibreOffice Writer

TexMaths Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Math teachers or students who need to create mathematical equations or expressions may be interested in adding the free TexMaths Extension for LibreOffice Writer.

Check out another option for math teachers or students: Dmaths Extension for LibreOffice Writer.

Microsoft Office has come a long way when it comes to math notation, so you may also want to check out some Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks for Math Students.

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Chemistry and Science Extensions or Add-ins for LibreOffice Writer

Chemistry Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

For science classrooms, you may find use for this Chemistry Extension for LibreOffice Writer. This tool inserts chemistry formulas as diagrams, in the form of images. It requires an internet connection and you can bring in formulas from SMILES, InChIKeys or the Name. Click through for direction to more detail on these tools. 

Also, for creating visual diagrams or worksheets, you may be interested in the Chemistry Laboratory Gallery Extension for LibreOffice.

Also, in case you breezed past it, be sure to notice the gallery items shown in the graphic of the first slide in this presentation. You will notice a few science images that may come in useful for your projects or lectures.

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VRT Network Equipment Extensions or Add-ins for LibreOffice

VRT Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

If your studies or classes include computer subjects, you may find cause to download this VRT Network Equipment Extension for LibreOffice, courtesy of Diagram elements are comparable to what you might have experienced using Microsoft Visio (a diagramming tool found in only some versions of the suite).

This diagramming extension obviously might also be useful for business settings.

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BINGO Cards Extensions or Add-ins for LibreOffice Calc

Bingo Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Many teachers use bingo games for conceptual reviews. This BINGO Cards Extension for LibreOffice makes creating printable cards more simple. It works by creating a randomization of select values you determine.

This extension is supported for English, German, Greek, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

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OpenCards Extensions or Add-ins for LibreOffice Impress

OpenCards Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Do you or those students you work with learn by using flashcards? A lot of students and teachers find these useful.

This free OpenCards Extension for LibreOffice Impress is a great for studying alone, in a group, or for a larger group, such as when presenting a study or review session with a class or group.

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OOoHG Map and History Clip Art Gallery Extension or Add-in for LibreOffice

OOoHG Map and History Clip Art Gallery Extension for LibreOffice screenshot

Social studies teachers and students may be interested in this free OOoHG Map and History Clip Art Gallery Extension for LibreOffice, which adds more than 1,000 new images for you to use in LibreOffice programs, organized in nearly 100 theme categories.

These are offered in bitmap and vector graphic formats.