LG TV's Streaming Service Adds Several New Channels

From gameshows to Elvis, they’re kind of odd

LG's streaming service, LG Channels, is expanding its library with nine new dedicated channels that cover an eclectic assortment of topics.

Several new channels (yes, channels, not shows) are bound for LG TV's free streaming service, LG Channels, with a big focus on reality-based content. Though there are some musical options included in the new lineup as well.

LG Channels streaming channels

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Three dedicated music channels—Stingray SPA, Stingray Easy Listening, and Stingray Smooth Jazz—cover an assortment of genres from electro-instrumental to chart-toppers. And somewhat related is The Elvis Presley Channel, which provides what LG calls "non-stop Elvis content."

Somewhere in the middle of all this is a dedicated Deal or No Deal channel, where it's all game shows, all the time. If you've ever wanted to marathon the popular suitcase-opening test of luck, this is your chance.

LG Channels

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And then there are all the reality TV offerings, starting with a variety of re-runs from the early 2000s on the new All Real channel. Well-known weight loss contest The Biggest Loser is also getting its own channel (of the same name), along with Fear Factor and all its intense "what would you do for $50,000" moments. And finally, madcap physical challenge gameshow Wipeout has its own channel, dubbed Wipeout Xtra.

All the new channels are available now through LG Channels on all 2016 and newer LG Smart TV models (in the U.S.). You can find Stingray SPA, Stingray Smooth Jazz, and Stingray Easy Listening on US Channels 910, 911, and 912, respectively. The Biggest Loser is on US Channel 101, All Real is on 285, and The Elvis Presley Channel is on 320. Lastly, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout Xtra, and Fear Factor are on US Channels 330, 331, and 332.

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