LG’s Newest Laptops Cram More Power Into the Same Tiny Spaces

The series is also getting its first portable monitor

Pricing and availability have been revealed for LG's 2022 lineup of its gram series of laptops—along with the debut of the first gram portable monitor.

Six laptops (plus a monitor) are on LG's docket from today's announcement, all part of its ultra-light gram series. Lifewire's Jonno Hill was impressed with LG's previous gram 17 model from 2020, and according to LG, the 2022 series pushes the hardware even further. The lineup includes the LG gram 17, gram 16, gram 15, gram 14, gram 2-in-1 in both 16 and 14-inch, and the new gram +view portable monitor.

New LG gram laptop lineup

LG Electronics

LG says all the new 2022 gram laptops utilize 12th Gen Intel Core processors and low-voltage LPDDR5 RAM, resulting in faster performance compared to previous models. Each laptop's internal hard drive has also been upgraded to a faster Gen4 NVMe SSD and boasts "excellent battery life," so users won't have to stick close to a power source.

These 2022 gram laptops also have upgraded, anti-glare displays with a larger 16:10 aspect ratio and 2560x1600 resolution IPS panels to produce richer and more vibrant colors.

New LG gram laptop in use

LG Electronics

Then there's the gram +view—the series' new portable monitor—which is currently available in 16-inches. The display can connect to another nearby device via USB-C and supports horizontal or vertical orientations. Something LG believes is ideal for improved multitasking in an expanded workspace.

The LG gram 17 (starting at $1700), gram 16 ($1400), gram 15 ($1200), gram 14 ($1250), gram 16 2-in-1 ($1500), gram 14 2-in-1 ($1300), and gram +view ($350) are available now direct from LG. You should also be able to find them at authorized LG retailers starting today.

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