LG's New Laptops Offer Cool Tech to Track Movements, Blur Screens, and More

Introducing the Ultra PC 16 and Ultra PC 17

LG has just surprise-launched a pair of high-performance laptops to sit along its popular Gram line. 

The Ultra PC 16 and Ultra PC 17 laptops are filled with impressive features and specs at a price point that may stretch the bank but not break it. Both models include the innovative Miramemetrix Glance motion tracking technology that has been popping up on higher-end laptops. 

LG Ultra 17


This software suite integrates with the webcam to track the user's positioning, allowing the laptop to perform various automatic tasks based on this position. For instance, it goes into lock screen mode when you step away and blurs the screen when someone is standing over your shoulder. This tech also promises smoother transitions during those endless WFH meetings. 

The Ultra 17 is the clear winner, specs-wise, with a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 chip, Nvidia's RTX 3050 GPU, DDR5 RAM, a solid-state drive, and, as indicated, a 17-inch display. The Ultra 16 features the latest Ryzen 7 5825U CPU, AMD'S Radeon GPU, DDR4 RAM, a solid-state drive, and a 16-inch anti-glare display. 

LG Ultra 16


Both models are fairly heavy, with the Ultra 17 clocking in at 4.4 pounds and the Ultra 16 weighing 3.6 pounds. As a comparison, the new MacBook Air weighs 2.7 pounds. 

Both laptops are available to order right now from LG, with shipments to physical retailers and online stores soon. The beefier Ultra 17 starts at $1,600, and the Ultra 16 starts at $1,000.

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