LG’s Latest Projector Offers Full HD Resolution in a Travel Sized Package

The projection can reach up to 120-inches

LG has announced a new entry for the Cinebeam Projector line that aims for powerful but portable video display options.

LG's new portable projector dubbed the CineBeam PF510Q Smart Portable Projector is 2.2 pounds, and the company claims it offers "a transformative home theater experience" wherever you take it—provided there's a place for you to plug it in.

Family using the CineBeam Smart Portable Projector

LG Electronics USA

While clocking in at about six by three by six inches, the lightweight PF510Q also claims to project screen sizes between 30- to 120-inches. It also offers a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080, with multiple aspect ratio options such as Original, 16:9, 4:3, 4-Way Zoom, or Vertical Zoom. While the Auto Vertical Keystone feature will supposedly manage the projection alignment so that tilting and other screen distortion won't be an issue.

Inputs include a standard 3.5mm audio out headphone jack, a USB-A 2.0 port, an RJ45 ethernet port, and two HDMI ports. Meaning you can use it as a secondary display (via cable, AirPlay, Screen Share, etc.) or directly connect to and control a number of streaming services like AppleTV+ and Disney+ through webOS 22

Closeup of CineBeam Smart Portable Projector

LG Electronics USA

It does have its own built-in 5W Mono speakers, but the PF510Q also supports Bluetooth connectivity for more than one device at the same time if that's your preference. So you can pair it to two sets of wireless headphones, sync it up to two Bluetooth speakers, or whatever else the situation might require.

You can get a CineBeam PF510Q Smart Portable Projector directly from LG for $599. Along with the projector, the box includes a power cord and adapter, a user manual, and a basic remote (with battery).

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