LG Unveils New Line of Massive, Wall-Sized TVs

Up to 325 inches diagonally

LG has introduced its new Direct View LED Extreme Home Cinema Line, which is made up of massive displays meant for luxury homes.

According to LG, the screen sizes go from 81 inches to a maximum size of 325 inches diagonally.

Huge 2K TV


Display resolution depends on the size. The smaller screens, which range from 81 inches to 215 inches, display at 2K resolution. Mid-range TVs have a 4K resolution and go from 163 inches up to 325 inches. The standalone 8K display is 325 inches.

There is also the option for Dual 2K or 4K displays, which have a 32:9 aspect ratio. These stretched-out screens allow owners to watch two or more shows side-by-side, or play a video game on one and catch up on a show with the other.

LG also recommends a variety of accessories to improve the viewing experience, such as the company’s WebOS controller box, which adds smart TV functionality,

The technology behind the wall-sized displays is the Direct View LED (DVLED) technology.

Massive 8K TV


DVLED technology tightly packs the screen’s pixels closer together to ensure stunning resolution and image quality. This tech, however, limits how small these displays can be, which explains why there aren’t any smaller options, at least not yet.

The displays are not available yet, but LG is taking pre-orders on the company website. Listing prices haven’t been given for the 2K and 4K displays, but CNET reports that the 8K display will have a price tag of $1.7 million.  

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