LG adds Apple TV app to its new TVs

WebOS-powered LG sets will now have Apple TV+ built right in

What: LG announced its TVs would include the Apple TV app

How: Apple users can subscribe and watch Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, and their iTunes video library. They will also be able to rent or buy any of the more than 100,000 films and TV shows on the iTunes service.

Why Do You Care: LG joins Samsung, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV devices in offering a hardware-free Apple TV app, which could help drive adoption of the streaming service while allowing current iTunes and Mac users access to more television sets.

The LG stage at CES showing off new Apple TV+
Lifewire / Lance Ulanoff

Getting Apple TV on your television without needing an extra hardware box just got easier. At CES in Las Vegas Monday, LG announced that it would start including the Apple TV app in its 2020 and later OLED TVs, joining Samsung, Roku, and Amazon in offering non-Apple hardware access to the Apple media ecosystem.

Owners of 2018 and 2019 LG TV models will see the app coming this year, as well.

In a press release, LG notes that not only will subscribers be able to watch Apple TV+ programming, but that Mac and iOS users can access their iTunes libraries, rentals, and purchases from the iTunes media store.

LG's new line up for 2020 includes 13 new OLED models of 4K Ultra HD TVs, as well as a few new 8K models. All new sets include "advanced core technologies" like NanoCell (Samsung calls it QLED) and new Alpha 9 Generation 3 AI processors.

This is a big deal, as LG is the second-largest TV manufacturer in the world, just behind Samsung. Having an Apple TV app built right into the smart TV will surely drive more customers to Apple's ecosystem, which includes Apple TV+ shows like See and The Morning Show.

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