LG Teases Ginormous 97-Inch OLED Display—Take a Look

Releases later this year for just, oh, $25,000

It wasn't so long ago that eyeing a 60-inch HD TV was something of a big deal, but nowadays, that display size is considered average at best. 

To keep this size war going, electronics giant LG teased an absolutely massive 97-inch OLED screen at K-Display 2022, the KDIA's (Korea Display Industry Association) largest TV and monitor showcase. They're calling it the OLED.EX, and it's the largest OLED panel ever created.



This Godzilla-esque TV is more than its extra-large panel, however, as the OLED.EX is equipped with LG's CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) technology that has been featured in some of the company's prototype designs, such as a previously announced 48-inch bendable OLED panel. 

CSO works to actually vibrate the display during use, via a thin film exciter on the back of the panel. This vibration technology turns the TV into a bonafide 5.1 channel audio system without the need for additional speakers.

LG says this gives viewers a "cinematic level of immersion," though they haven't indicated how the system apes surround sound systems that typically include speakers behind the viewer.

LG Transparent OLED


Also, this is not a prototype. The OLED.EX releases later this year, but hold on to your bank accounts, as these displays are expected to cost around $25,000.

That said, LG gave K-Display attendees plenty of prototypes to fawn over. They showed a multitude of transparent OLED displays, some thin enough to recede into standard walls, as well as a curved OLED for automobile dashboards and a foldable laptop OLED—none of which will be available for purchase in the near future.

In the meantime, start clearing out your living room to make space for that 97-inch beast.

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